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Energy Draining. There is Only One Trunk Monkey. It is Already Mid-June. Does Your Dog Bite? The Theme.

  • Quote of the Week: Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason. – Unknown

I have stood my ground regarding politics. While I do care about the welfare of the United States, I long ago divorced myself from the political divide, or for that matter, politics in general.

My friends and family are sometimes frustrated, and sometimes polarized by what I call political de-socialization. In particular, how people who are friends, work together, and socialize together seemingly avoid each other due to their politics. With the November election five months away, the standing President’s health in the limelight, and his Republican competitor carrying baggage of thirty-four felony counts, I have witnessed people de-socializing from each other.

At least in my circle of people, which I am happy to report are people from many diverse backgrounds and walks of life, there are no bilateral discussions regarding the two candidates. I try to stay informed of course, but it is so energy draining to listen to people rant and rave about the November election. I follow a few ways of staying informed without feeling so drained from the constant barrage of rhetoric from the candidates, their handlers, and of course the media. Here is a list of a few ‘strategies’ I have followed for a long time:

  • Carefully choose your sources – try to stick with unbiased news outlets. (Yes, that is funny).
  • Pick a few times during the day to check the news. I have found that constant updates can be confusing, even overwhelming.
  • For you politically focused people – try to balance the political news with some other interests. There are some great reads out there. Try the new Michael Crichton book, Eruption. This book will definitely keep your mind off of politics.
  • Volunteer – there is nothing more rewarding than using some of your downtime to help others. Organizations and hospitals are always looking for volunteers; a great way to keep your mind off of the “Weekend at Bernie’s” and “The Donald” presidential candidates.

Here is my never-ending question: How, in 2024, did the two parties end up with these two candidates? This video is a bit old school, but comedian Bill Burr sort of sums up our world of politics.

Bill Burr’s Take on Politics in the United States.

  • Television commercials can be so puzzling. While some very talented people are charged with creating ad spots, sometimes we have to wonder how and why the client actually approved the creative. Suburban Auto Group’s agency has created this series of ‘trunk monkey’ spots delivering a different type of take on preventing car theft. There are a series of ‘trunk monkey’ ads, but this one is still my favorite.
Theft Prevention at its Finest.

Things I Think for the Middle of June:

  • How are we already halfway through 2024?
  • Euro started on Friday (the cumulative worldwide television audience for the tournament is expected to surpass 5.3 billion), the final round of golf’s U.S. Open is later today, the Boston Celtics try to close out the NBA championship tomorrow night, the Florida Panthers should win the Stanley Cup Tuesday night, and Copa America starts Thursday…and college football is only seventy days away! Good summer fun.
  • Not wishing for, but wondering what happened to all the pandemic-type viruses futurists were predicting just two years ago?
  • What the heck is all the negative vibe surrounding Caitlin Clark? Do her teammates and opponents not recognize that across ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, ION and NBA TV, WNBA games are averaging 1.32 million viewers, nearly tripling last season’s average of 462,000?
  • I am looking for cool weather. Does anyone have ideas on great places to hide out in the Smokey Mountains?
  • After many months, Houthi rebels are still able to attack ships on the Red Sea. There will be a trickle-down effect with global trade unless these terrorists are eliminated once and for all.
  • What a novel idea. Working from home and using “keyboard simulators” to make it look like you are sitting at your desk….and actually working. Faking keyboard strokes. Just absurd behavior.
  • Harvard Business Case for two long-standing Orlando-based brands. Red Lobster and Tupperware made missteps with their balance sheets and product offerings resulting in Red Lobster filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Tupperware on the brink of following suit. Unfortunate and sad.

  • I watched it AGAIN. Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther just makes me laugh. There are too many funny scenes to count. This one has always stuck with me, as Sellers, better known as Inspector Clouseau, asks such a simple question.
“That is Not My Dog”

  • I will stick with the Pink Panther theme for this week’s Pure Talent. The theme from the Pink Panther movies resonates with all of us, and Henry Mancini and his orchestra do it right. Mancini won four Academy Awards, a Golden Globe, and twenty Grammy awards. In 1995, he posthumously collected a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Henry Mancini’s orchestra, featuring Tubby Hayes on the tenor saxophone, and the Pink Panther soundtrack...Pure Talent.
The song Best of Both Worlds from the Pink Panther.

Adios, pay it forward, be safe, and have a Sunday Funday Father’s Day!

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