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Character and Reputation. Eighty Years Ago. Coffee, Tea, or Not Me. Don’t Stop Believing.

Quote of the Week: “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” – John Wooden

This quote is from the “Wizard of Westwood,” one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time. John Wooden won ten NCAA national championships in a 12-year period as head coach of the UCLA Bruins, including a record seven in a row. He was renowned for his leadership in sports, business, and organizational leadership.

What exactly is John Wooden saying in the quote above? Are character and reputation interchangeable? Do they have the same meaning?

The answer is no, as character relates to the qualities of an individual, encompassing a person’s values, beliefs, morals, and ethics, which are usually shaped by their upbringing and experiences. Reputation is the result of how others perceive and judge a person based on their actions, behavior, and accomplishments.

I feel that many people do not distinguish character from reputation. Your character cannot be easily changed, as it is deeply ingrained in your personality and upbringing. On the other hand, your reputation is something that can be built or destroyed over time, and it is often shaped by your character and the decisions you make. Have we all made poor choices and decisions? Yes, we have, which may lead to the perception of your reputation – but not necessarily your character.

What distinguishes character from reputation? The two concepts are often used interchangeably, but they hold different meanings. While character refers to the qualities of an individual, reputation is the perception that others have of them. In other words, character is who you are, while reputation is who others think you are. The following differentiates character from reputation:

  • Character = Inner qualities and beliefs; difficult to change; defines who you are.
  • Reputation = How you are perceived; can be built or destroyed; defined by actions and behavior.

As John Wooden states: “your character is what you really are…….”

  • Last Thursday marked the 80th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France during World War II, the largest amphibious assault in history. Two hundred veterans, with an average age of one hundred, were on hand last week to commemorate the invasion. Called Operation Overlord, the Allies assault started with 13,000 paratroopers parachuting behind enemy lines ahead of 135,000 U.S., British, and Canadian soldiers who landed on the beaches of Normandy. The invasion, dovetailed with the Soviet Union’s push from the East, helped the Allies defeat Nazi Germany. This fifteen-minute video is well done, covering the strategy and tactics of the Allied invasion, the largest military operation ever.
Operation Overlord

  • I have always brought a bottle of water on the plane. For no other good reason than to keep hydrated, as I have been told I do not drink enough water on a daily basis. I do not recall the last time I had a cup of coffee on a plane, and after reading this warning from a former flight attendant, that will not happen anytime soon.

With that said, let’s all recognize that she is a former flight attendant, and is now a TikTok influencer.

Her warning relates to the potable water used by airlines to make coffee and tea, as well as the cup of water served to passengers who are not sitting business or first class. Her claim is that the storage tanks aboard an aircraft to provide water “are never cleaned.” How she would know this is beyond me but that sounds alarming. She also claims that the coffee makers onboard are “rarely cleaned unless broken,” another eyebrow-raising statement. Add on this statement from CUNY’s Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, and it might be a good idea to carry on a bottled water or other beverage, or order a beverage served from a bottle or can: “According to our 2019 airline water study by CUNY’s Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center that ranked 12 regional and 11 major airlines, airplane water tanks — which are typically situated beside or near the bathroom — are the very same source of water as the bathrooms.”

To be transparent, I have the upmost respect for flight attendants. There are two flight attendants on the JustMyTake distribution list, and I think all of us would appreciate their take on airplane water.

Warning: harsh/foul language.

Coffee, Tea or Not Me

  • This look at Pure Talent shows us a cover of the song Don’t Stop Believin‘, made famous by the band Journey and the great voices of Steve Perry, and most recently Arnel Pineda. Having a great voice usually comes from a good bit of training and experience, but this performance is Pure Talent.
Don’t Stop Believin’

Adios, pay it forward, be safe, and have a Sunday Funday!

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