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This is Not Sport. The OCSC Pivot.  Draw Now?   This Is Why Saturday’s Are For Football.  A Workforce of 70,000 Salaried Workers. One Arm.  The Battle at Anfield.

Obviously it is a money grab but the UFC circus is out of control.  Last night’s pay-per-view fight between Khabib Nurmagomedev and Conor McGregor ended rather quickly with McGregor completely over-matched.  Never much of a fight, Nurmagomedev dominated McGregor from the opening bell and this ‘battle’ ended with a choke hold and submission as McGregor tapped out.  What happened after the fight was the telling tale as a melee broke out OUTSIDE the cage.  Outrageous, demeaning, and unprofessional – and this is a sport that attracts big pay-per-view money and a demographic dominated by millennials.  Not good.

I jammed up Orlando City a couple of weeks ago but I was told that last night’s effort was outstanding in a loss to a very good Dallas F.C. club.  That is great news to hear.  November through February should be an interesting time for Orlando City as they look to make changes that should have their supporters excited for a great 2019 season!  On a down note, Atlanta United’s win over New England came at a great expense with Miguel Almiron going down with a hamstring injury.  Everyone is replaceable but his shoes will be big ones to fill. 

Does anyone have a SIMPLE online calculator to determine when someone should start drawing social security benefits?  Obviously age and future income expectations come into play but it would be nice to have a plug and play calculation using all the variables.  Anyone have an answer?

The first Saturday in October brings drama to the pitch and the gridiron.  After a few weeks of the Premier League and NCAA football, the dynamics of competition always seem to heighten our awareness of parity, and maybe a bit of drama.  Yesterday started off with Jose Mourinho and his Manchester United going down to Newcastle 2-0 in the first half.   All the naysayers at Armando’s in Winter Park were already cursing at the TV’s, cheering on the fact that Manchester United’s manager would soon be shown the door. Whether it be Mourinho’s will or the aura of #OldTrafford, Manchester United stormed back to win 3-2 on a 90th minute header from Alexis Sanchez, the shortest player on the field.  Then we move onto the other football which was a day of showing why bookmakers in Las Vegas go just a bit crazy.  Auburn, ranked 8th, scores only 9 points and loses to Mississippi State.  Clemson, ranked 4th, barely squeaks by Syracuse 27-23 and #5 LSU lays an egg losing to the Gators 27-19.  There was no defense in this year’s Red River Classic as #7 Oklahoma gave up 48 points in a loss to Texas.  Parity and a good bit of drama.  Saturdays = good fun.

Ford’s stock is down 26% year-to-date and now they announce a reduction in force.  Ford expects to eliminate up to 5,000 salaried jobs which only prompts the question: “If you can take out 5,000 jobs from your salaried workforce what were those 5,000 people doing in the first place?”  If you are a shareholder of their stock you just have to be shaking your head.

Inspiration. Google the latest episode of HBO’s Real Sports and go to the segment featuring seven year-old Tommy Morrissey.  Or…take two minutes and watch this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0vUhhissaQ

That’s all for today as I need to get ready for more football….that would be Liverpool v Manchester City at 11:30am EDT.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!

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