Cryptocurrency. Heisman. Leveraging the Arena. ATL UTD. Scum.

Derivatives.  Grow Up.  Capturing the Fans $$.  Let’s Get the Silverware.  Franken This.

Will someone a bit more intelligent than I (that is all of you) please enlighten me on the what, why, and how the bitcoin is now top of mind?  I read the words ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘digital money’ and understand that a Chicago-based exchange is opting to trade bitcoin futures.  Wait, what?  This is a currency without the backing of a government or central bank and has risen in value 1,500% since January 1st….85% in the last two weeks! Is it real, a financial flavor of the month, or just an anti-establishment currency tracking the path of the digital world?

To Baker Mayfield: you are more cocky than skillful and you just won the Heisman Trophy.  You have a bit of Johnny Manziel in you and you have an arrest record.  Enjoy your Heisman trophy and try not to follow many Heisman winners who had little to no NFL success:  Tim Tebow, RGIII, Matt Leinart, Danny Wuerffel, Andre Ware..and there are many others.  In short, wake up and grow up.

Downtown Atlanta is about to blow up again.  The Atlanta Hawks and Steve Koonin are developing what is going to be an awesome entertainment complex right next to Philips Arena.  Once the Hawks get through this tough rebuilding year, their team and the Philips Arena area will be a great night out.  The same is happening in Orlando with the Magic, who are developing a mixed use complex next to Amway Center.  These developments will far exceed L.A. Live next to Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

As all of you know I am a big supporter of Atlanta United, who in their inaugural season, achieved tremendous success on and off the field.  I hope Toronto F.C.’s performance last night only provides more motivation for Darren Eales, Carlos Bocanegra , and Tata Martino to build a player pool that gets Atlanta a championship.  It looks like it may have started this week with the signing of 22 year-old Franco Escobar from Argentina’s Newell’s Old Boys.  Escobar is young, experienced and great on the ball out of the back.  I am sure there are many more moves coming in the next few weeks especially if a big European club comes up with the big money to buy Miguel Almiron.

To Al Franken:  crawl up in a hole and don’t come out.  Ever. (Did I just stray from my mantra of no politics/no religion?)

Adios and have a Sunday Funday!   

5 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency. Heisman. Leveraging the Arena. ATL UTD. Scum.”

  1. You DID just stray from your mantra of no politics/religion – though I don’t think it would hurt you to think about a little religion once in a while! But, since you’re calling out Franken, why not all the others on the other side if the aisle who have also been accused/guilty of the same thing? Not the least of which is the Commander In Chief! Since you’ve strayed into politics….just my take.

    1. Fair enough but my take on Franken would have been exactly the same if he was “on the other side of the aisle”. Just sayin’.

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