Mom. Crash And Burn. BayWatch. Questions.

Celebrate Your Mom. A Rocket’s Red Glare. Swim Strong, Swim Fast. Answers Please.

  • Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Yes, many of us live away from our mom, have had a contentious relationship with her, or our mom has passed on. With that said, whether your mom is still with us or not, don’t miss the opportunity to show your respect and appreciation for every mom. Mother’s Day became an official U.S. holiday in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May as a day of “public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.” Not all of us can gather to celebrate Mother’s Day, but at the very least, no matter the situation, call your mom and show your respect and appreciation. Just do it.
Jerry’s mom being a mom.
  • I will try to keep this on the light side – but there is nothing ‘light’ about a 21-ton rocket on a collision course with earth. It is apparent that the Chinese miscalculated, with their latest rocket, at 100-feet long and traveling at 17,000 m.p.h., making an uncontrollable re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. There are several possible places where debris that survives re-entry could crash down. Among them are New York, Madrid and Beijing in the Northern Hemisphere and southern Chile and Wellington, New Zealand, in the Southern Hemisphere. The re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere is scheduled for anytime between tonight and noon tomorrow. Here is to hoping it crashes in the middle of an ocean. A side note: the Chinese are planning on ten additional rocket launches between now and the middle of 2022. Perfect.
Las Vegas was taking bets…..
  • As we head into May and warm coastal temperatures, we all look forward to heading to the beach and enjoying the ocean water. Just a reminder that these waters are in no way governed by us, but by the creatures who have owned the seas for thousands of years. Regarding sharks, there has always been the myth of staying out of the water at dusk, but as you can see in this video, shot with a drone near Malibu, California, the presence of sharks and the time of day have no relevance. Happy surfing!
“Jaws” led to everyone staying out of the water….

Ten Questions:

  • Any thoughts on Elon Musk hosting tonight’s Saturday Night Live?
  • Regarding Covid-19 and the vaccines, is herd immunity important to you?
  • Is it too soon to open stadiums and arenas to 100% capacity?
  • What sentence does the judge hand down to Derek Chauvin?
  • Is Jonathan Bauer the hero of 2021 to date? (Google to find out more).
  • I did not, but did you buy copper futures weeks ago? I hope so.
  • Will the unemployed return to the workforce once their increased benefits stop?
  • How did a 6th-grader have access to a handgun?
  • If you work from an office, are you looking forward to not working from home?
  • What are you doing for your mom or someone’s mom tomorrow?

Adios, pay it forward, stay safe, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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