Short Takes. #ATLUTD Supporters.

My View.   A Tale of Two Clubs.   

The Debt – my daughter and I watched this movie the other night.  Great writing, great acting, and a very strong message.  It has been out a few years….you can find it on Netflix or Amazon.

Conor McGregor – you are a great example of what we, as parents, do not want our children to watch or witness. Yes, you signed a massive deal to fight but so what? Can you say trash?

Nordstrom – you are certainly taking advice from your vast resource of retail consultants.  Your merchandising scheme is bound to enhance your year-over-year sales selling used and taped-up sneakers for $530.00  Perfect.

To the man in France – if you live with 400 reptiles IN YOUR HOME, and allow a seven-foot alligator to sleep in your bed… Enough said.

Miley Cyrus’ sister – I  hope you cry all the way to the bank!

To the Waffle House robber – #WaffleHouse in Villa Rica, Georgia is not Nobu;  if you plan on robbing a Waffle House using a BB gun, don’t complain that you got shot by a customer with a .357 magnum.  Just cork your whine.

News outlets – Some of you actually reported on whether or not Bert and Ernie are gay.  People in North Carolina are suffering from severe flooding but Bert and Ernie made your news content list.   News directors are wondering why their ratings are diminishing.  You can’t fix stupid.

We don’t know how good we have it as Atlanta United supporters.  Sometimes our level of expectation with our Club may exceed the realities of professional soccer in America.  A huge country to navigate away games, match congestion due to many factors, and the heat of the mostly summer schedule.  A leading-edge stadium, a president with the pedigree and commitment to establish a world-class club, and a owner and manager who know how most of the keys to success work.  So…we were exasperated late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning when United went down 3-1 to the lowly San Jose Earthquakes.  Yes, a miraculous comeback and another three points for United, but even if they had tied or lost to the Earthquakes, the scenario is 180 degrees from what is going on with Orlando City.   Let’s start off with the statement from Orlando’s manager……after he has been in charge for eleven games, after replacing a manager who has taken a team to the MLS championship game: “There’s other individuals that maybe believe that they’re trying, but I think overall, when you look at the commitment today, I think it leaves you with a lot of questions asking around the level of commitment, the level of motivation and the character of individuals.”  Wait, what?  You have been in charge for eleven games and you are just figuring out that most of your player pool is sub-standard? Since you have taken charge your team has a record of one win, eight losses and two ties.  Please stop with the cliches and give your ownership group an ultimatum:  start spending the money to source a competitive player pool….or do yourself a favor and go find a job with an ownership group who cares. Compare that statement and Orlando City’s performance (overall record is 7-18-3) to what you witnessed late Wednesday night, with an Atlanta United team down 3-1 in the second half.  They had already clinched a playoff spot and played their second road game in a row within four days. Atlanta’s players could have cashed it in but fought hard until the 96th minute and turned chicken crap into chicken salad by sheer effort and determination.  Be thankful, Atlanta United fans.  I live in Orlando and what is going on down here with their Major League Soccer team is in two words unacceptable and embarrassing.  

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