Takes For The First Sunday in September.

Length Does Matter.  DNA This.  Coaching Changes.  Space Race. Matty Ice Better Get Hot.

I get it. Obviously the longer the television broadcast the greater amount of opportunity for commercial and promotional spots. The money derived from sponsors provides the networks with the necessary dollars to bid on broadcast properties.  As someone who watches college and NFL football, as well as the MLS and Premier League, I appreciate the opportunity to tune into the many live sporting events.  Yesterday, we were privy to three Premier League matches and up to 22 college football broadcasts, allowing for a day of TV watching that will continue into the new year.  The issue that I have is the length of college football games.  It is what it is with numerous stoppages in play due to penalties, injuries, time outs, and breaks at each quarter and halftime.  The games simply take way too long even if you are at a beach bar on the coast of Florida…taking in all the sights and sounds (can you say New Smyrna Beach?).  While the NCAA has opened their eyes to this problem, even changing some rules regarding the play clock, nothing about yesterday’s games were different from 2016, when the AVERAGE game took 3 hours, 24 minutes.  Yesterday’s Wisconsin – Auburn game started at 3:30 pm and did not end for another 3 hours, 25 minutes.  An insane amount of time that included a 20-minute halftime.  Can someone explain to me why college football players need a third of an hour between halves?  To the pleasure of a few of my readers, I will not pull out the soccer comparison card.  The games and the dynamics are different, but I will say it is refreshing to watch a game that starts and ends within two hours. Tonight’s college game between Miami and LSU starts at 7:30pm.  Any bet on the game finishing before 11pm?

23 and Me.  What a concept.  Pay a fee, receive a tube to spit in, send it back, and receive ‘scientific data’ that lays out your heritage.  Wait, what? Yes, I paid the fee, spit into the tube and just can’t wait to see the ‘scientific data’….

After he departs from Manchester United, can someone enlighten me on the club/owner who hires Jose Mourinho to manage their team?  And where does David Moyes get off announcing his ‘interest’ in managing Atlanta United when Tata departs?  David, you had a hard enough time filling Sir Alex Ferguson’s shoes…….do you really think that you will be a fit for #ATLUTD after Tata’s magic?  Now, with that said, everything Darren Eales has touched has turned to gold (and red and black), so if the Scot is his choice – all good!

39B.  It is not a class room or a part of a question on an exam.  It is a launch pad. When you visit central Florida, make your way over the the Visitor Center at #KennedySpaceCenter.  The displays, exhibits, and theaters reveal the background information and technology that in a word is amazing.  To see the real Space Shuttle is actually surreal – and a bit mind-boggling imaging this ship working through deep space, breaking back through the atmosphere and landing on a very long runway.  If you have a chance take the time and go visit.

It is Thursday Night Football opening up the NFL season.  For the Atlanta Falcons, here is to hoping that there is a inverse-relationship between the preseason and regular season.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!

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