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Let’s Just Tone It Down.

In the last few weeks my posts have tried to address some serious issues. Covid-19 and it’s resurgence, especially with the 18-35 demographic; social unrest in cities across the world; and bigotry, racism, and discrimination. With respect to everyone, I am at point of “issue fatigue” so I thought I would try to lighten up my take for today’s post.


The Major League Soccer restart begins Wednesday, July 8 in Orlando, Florida. The league, above and beyond all the Covid-19 precaution and protocol, has put specific emphasis on the expected heat during this season-opening tournament. Game times are set at 9am, 8pm, and 10:30pm. To keep it in perspective, Orlando temperatures: 94 degrees at 8pm last night and morning temperatures hover in the low to mid 80’s. To say the least, team doctors, fitness specialists, and nutritionists will be very busy during this tournament.

Blow up dolls. The owner of this South Carolina restaurant showed her creativity with social distancing while abiding to capacity protocols. SĀ² and JP: keep your thoughts to yourself.

A Taylors, SC restaurant owner – a very smart idea.

Who would have thought that 60 days ago we would be a few weeks away from restarting Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and NFL players reporting to training camp? Sports can be a great distraction – especially considering everything we have dealt with the last few months.

Chris Cassidy and Robert Behnken. The NASA astronauts who recently guided the SpaceX Crew Dragon spaceship to rendezvous with the International Space Station (ISS). On Friday, they took their seventh and eighth spacewalk respectively, with this one for a specific purpose of replacing lithium ion batteries on one of the ISS’s power panels. Brave doesn’t begin to describe these two and all astronauts who venture into space.

A simulation of what Cassidy and Behnken dealt with this past Friday.

He is from Atlanta so yes, there maybe some bias with this observation. The reality is that this entertainer is very under-appreciated. A pure talent, tremendous entertainer, and wonderfully philanthropic. Last Wednesday night, ABC replayed the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors. I only caught thirty minutes or so of the broadcast, and fortunately watched Usher honor the one and only James Brown. Usher = amazing.

Usher honoring James Brown at the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors celebration.

I don’t do politics – but what I don’t understand is the correlation to wearing a mask and politics. Use the science as a data point and wear a mask when around others. Some have told me that I look better with one on.

Just and idea – especially for two of my Atlanta-based friends.

Fact: Bears can run more than 37 mph an hour, and they can do it up hills, down hills or along a slope. To put that in perspective that is 50 ft/sec ā€“ more than twice as fast as we can run. In fact, a bear can outrun a racehorse over short distances. This NFL player did not get the message.

Don’t run?

Chelsea’s win over Manchester City this past Thursday handed the Premier League title to Liverpool, their first league championship in thirty years. Liverpool is led by their charismatic manager, Jurgen Klopp, who has shown the world that while he is a top 5 leader in the sport, his management skills in no way translate to his ability to dance. Congratulations Liverpool!

Don’t disrespect. Officially called the Saharan Air Layer, many authorities around the world are calling this 3,700 mile-long dust cloud Godzilla. I take offense to this. Godzilla was a hero to many, evoking peace and harmony by destroying many combatants including Mothra and Rodan. People often compare Godzilla with King Kong. While I appreciate the power and sensitivity of Kong, he held no comparison to the size and strength of Godzilla. Godzilla stood 164 feet tall, three times the height of Kong. Don’t name a sand storm after the world’s greatest protagonist. Just don’t. šŸ™‚

Based on that last comment it is apparent that it has been a long week. Adios, pay it forward, be safe, and have a Sunday Funday!

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