Don’t Make Perseverance A Cliche.

It is obvious that the Chinese government was late to the table with the true facts of the coronavirus named Covid 19. We all knew that the the virus was wreaking havoc in China, a country of 1.4 billion people, especially in the province of Wuhan, where many think Covid 19 first infected humans. The same for Italy, Spain, and France who have now taken drastic measures to mitigate the spread of the virus. There is no way, even three weeks ago, we would have thought we would endure last week’s news, announcements, and subsequent decisions that have now given us, for a least the next few months, a new norm of everyday life.

Everyone copes and deals with tough situations in different ways. Obviously, and based on the current analytics, the elderly’s anxiety must be at a heightened level. The support metric is Italy, where the vast majority of Covid 19-related deaths occur with people seventy-five and older. I assume that reality stems from the immune system weakening as we get older. A sad fact that the elderly are probably thinking about way too often. Even the young and healthy need to be cautious as no one wants to contract the virus and pass it on to others. How bad must NBA All-Star Rudy Gobert feel, when last week, after joking about the virus, finding out he was Covid 19 positive? The NBA, along with all sports leagues, subsequently have postponed their seasons.

Last week became real for all of us. From companies trying to figure out how to protect their employees to restaurant owners dealing with a significant drop in patronage, the broad cause and effect of the virus has altered our lives in different ways. The good news: we are strong, we have the resources, and most important, we have the perseverance to overcome this serious viral threat. It is time for all of us to be smart, follow the protocol, and most importantly protect one another. It is also time to communicate, to reach out, to make sure that your friends and family, your co-workers, and customers hear from you on a consistent basis. This is not the time for rivalries, for competition, and for disputes. Reach out, especially to the elderly, who must feel vulnerable and isolated, especially if they are watching the sometimes inconsistent information coming from different news sources.

As a country, we have survived through many tough times. Sure, the stock market has soured and the business world is temporarily shaken. There are no sports to attend or watch on television. It could be way worse and may be unless all of us stay smart. Of all times, don’t make perseverance a cliche.

Adios, pay if forward, stay safe, and have a Funday Sunday!!

3 thoughts on “Perspective.”

  1. Spot on Gary. If everyone heeds the precautions and acts like adults this too shall pass. A word to the younger generation… smart…..although you are less likely to contract, you can be a carrier to us older citizens.

    1. Thanks Joe. All of us need to be smart, follow protocol, and if not feeling well don’t take the risk of passing on your illness to others. A big wake up call of all of us – but actually things we should be doing day in and day out.

  2. Enjoyed your post. If everyone would always wash their hands (with soap) properly, and follow other protocols, everyone can improve their chances of avoiding all viruses.

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