March On.

The Ten – Top Of Mind Thoughts.

  • I received few comments from last week’s take on the coronavirus and the flu. A few people suggested that I was “downplaying” the severity of the coronavirus. That was not my intention – all I was trying to do was compare the impact of the two. I am very aware that the coronavirus is a serious situation – one that I hope the CDC can solve quickly.
  • Speaking of the coronavirus, it is probably a really good time to sanitize your smart phone. We live with the thing, put it up to our face and touch it….we might as well keep it safe.
  • To those people who lost or incurred damage to their homes, all the best for a quick recovery from last week’s tornadoes that swept right through the city of Nashville. I always find it amazing how a tragic story gets “swept under the carpet” – this one due to last week’s ‘Super Tuesday’ and coronavirus coverage.
  • I was hoping that the knee injury Josef Martinez incurred was a severe sprain but the actual ACL tear has ignited some pundits to tell us that Atlanta United’s Major League Soccer season “is over”. I disagree. Yes, Josef’s output will not be a like-for-like from one new player but the front office, led by Darren Eales, will eventually figure out a way, under the player/salary guidelines dictated by the League, to bring one or two new strikers into the player pool. Last night’s game at Mercedes Benz Stadium against Cincinnati showed all of us that United has a good bit of quality even without Josef, but it is obvious that reinforcements at the striker position are necessary. #atlutd
  • I can think of only one better place for Harvey Weinstein to spend the rest of his life. For now he is residing at Rikers Island, one of the more notorious prisons in the United States.
  • Daylight Savings Time. No additional comment required other than this change of time is a good thing – and it stays with us until the first Sunday in November.
  • Many people are infatuated with where Tom Brady moves to if he actually does leave the New England Patriots. I am one of those who could care less. I just hope that he ends up playing for a team that is not in the NFC South. #atlantafalcons
  • You have to feel for the thousands who have been quarantined on a cruise ship off the California. A random sample of the 3,500 passengers resulted in 21 passengers being tested for the coronavirus. The ship may dock tomorrow with many more passengers having to be tested. Not fun.
  • Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, is at it again. His so-called leadership has resulted in four million Venezuelans emigrating since 2015. His answer to this reality: asking “all women to to have six children to build back his homeland”. Maduro’s comments drew criticism from human rights activists and others who noted Venezuelans already are struggling to provide food, clothes and health care for their families. Obviously, this guy is way out of touch with reality. How can you possibly encourage women to have six children “to make a homeland” when there is a homeland that does not guarantee children their lives? Just an autocratic tyrant who needs to be put out to pasture.
  • And last but not least, I leave you with this week’s “you can’t fix stupid”:

Adios, pay it forward, wash your hands OFTEN, and have a Funday Sunday!!

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