Refresh. Covid-19. 25th Season. Daylight. 22%.

Let’s Get It Going.

Hello to all. After 158 posts I took a long break from the weekly blog post – and it is now time to start it up again. Reminders:

  • For reasons reinforced by what is going on with the world of politics, will refrain from any political takes or comments. Sometimes I may refer to a politician but not their politics. To be clear I am concerned about our military, education, the economy, and our healthcare system. I will not present a partisan take regarding the political arena.
  • No content will use or reinforce religion. Religion is very personal and there is no need for me to comment on the subject.
  • The blog is a challenge to me – and the content, posted for the most part on a weekly basis, is in essence Just My Take on various subject matter.
  • With all that said, I would enjoy and appreciate your comments and feedback – and content that you would like me to cover…and content you would like me stay away from. There are plenty of sports pundits and bloggers out there so over the years I have tried to tone down the sports content. Sports and entertainment are passions of mine – so it is inevitable that I will comment on pro and college sports, especially Atlanta United, the Falcons, and the Hawks.

Yes, the coronavirus is very serious with 87,000 cases reported worldwide. The lack of information coming out of China early on did not help us understand the nature or cause of the virus and this has led to a “viral” media explosion. Yes, I am interested in making this craziness go away and I know the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization are working hard to find different solutions. I know that trade has been seriously impacted, as well as tourism, manufacturing, and worldwide stock markets. Reality: worldwide, 87,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported. As a comparison, here are the numbers for this season’s influenza: 32 million cases and 18,000 deaths. Perspective.

Major League Soccer’s 25th season kicked off yesterday. Some good and not so good games but overall a great day for MLS. Not such a great day for Atlanta United. Though they took three points away to Nashville, they may have lost star striker Josef Martinez to a knee injury. Here is hoping the injury is a sprain and not an ACL tear. Obviously, United’s front office may have a good bit of work to do if Martinez is lost for period of time. Speaking of Atlanta United, their success and qualification for the CONCACAF Champions League again has them dealing with some tough scheduling. League games on March 7 and 14 along with a two-game series against Mexican powerhouse America on March 11 and 18 result in four games in 11 days. Similar to last year, a tough path ahead to start the season.

Is it a bad thing that I am way more excited about daylight savings time starting next weekend than the upcoming “Super Tuesday”? No, its not.

I read this week that the Atlanta Falcons salary structure has 22% of it’s salary cap space devoted to TWO players over the age of 30 (35 and 31). Yes, they may be future Hall of Fame inductees but is this the path to success for the underachieving Falcons? My guess is that other teams’ salary caps are structured in a similar way – which is all good if the team consistently makes the playoffs.

Adios, pay it forward, and have a Funday Sunday!!

3 thoughts on “Refresh. Covid-19. 25th Season. Daylight. 22%.”

  1. Welcome back! The misinformation going on with the corona virus is unbelievable. People have stayed away from Chinese restaurants here in the states….and yesterday Constellation Brands stock (parent of Corona Beer) was off 3.36% as people worried it would hurt their brand just because of the name association! You can’t fix stupid!

  2. Great to see you publishing again after a well deserved break. I share your affinity for football, tennis, daylight saving time, and quotes. I also understand your reticence to cover politics. Here’s an apropos quote about the latter subject: “politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.” Sounds like something Churchill might have said, but it is actually attributed to…….Groucho Marx!

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