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Short Takes on the Lighter Side of Things.

It has been a tough ten days and a couple of serious takes over the last two weeks. It is probably time to lighten up the blog a bit.

Jameis Winston – an NFL quarterback and after many years of your antics at Florida State…..can you just go away?

A high school administrator in Miami cannot understand the backlash from law enforcement, the media, and the parents of their high school kids.  If you allow a tiger to attend the high school prom you must be a moron to think that people would not go crazy.  The Principal of Columbus High School was perplexed at the outrage stating that he felt like a jungle-themed prom would be exciting.  You cannot fix stupid.

Researchers in Hungary, using a $100,000 grant, found that normal and overweight dogs behaved differently in tasks involving food. They say the dogs’ responses were similar to what might be expected in normal and overweight humans.  The country:  Hungary.  The subject:  food.   Enough said.

In another brilliant move, this time in Bulgaria…..prosecutors agreed to spare the life of a the cow after plans to kill her for crossing European Union borders without paperwork triggered an international outcry.  And we thought we had problems here in the U.S.A.

If you are an FBI agent and you decide to go to a bar….and decide to dance like a wild man…..and wear your holstered gun……and while trying to perform a back flip to impress everyone……you let your gun fall out of the holster…. don’t fire the weapon while trying to pick up the gun on the crowded dance floor.  I am sure that this behavior and action will be updated in the next FBI manual.  Another moron.

It is the end of the first week of World Cup 2018.  Some great games, some surprising results, and some seriously disappointing efforts (can you say Argentina?).  My favorite moment so far has to be Brazil’s coach, in his mid-fifties and wearing a suit without a tie, tumbling to the ground celebrating Brazil’s late goal that ended up being the winner against a tough Costa Rica.  A face plant of epic proportion.

And for all of you Atlanta United and Orlando City fans – the bad news for the World Cup is that Marc Geiger is there refereeing some of the matches.  The good news:  Marc Geiger, at least for the next couple of weeks, won’t be in the middle overseeing a game involving Atlanta United or Orlando City.  Mark Geiger and the very old TV show Dark Shadows have a lot in common.

To my readersI am getting comments and questions from readers.  Many of you have asked me about sponsors or “How much money I make off this blog?”  While I am open to a company / brand(s) sponsoring the blog, the intent of the blog is a challenge to me to write content on a weekly basis that avoids religion and politics. If you have direct questions or have ideas for me regarding sponsorship/endorsement, please use the COMMENTS section of the blog and provide a valid email address for me to reply to you. Please don’t spam me – no one has time for that nonsense.  I appreciate your readership and support – Gary.

Adios and have a Funday Sunday!!

A Tribute.

A Good Man.

My sole sibling lived to love his wife, his dogs, the New York Yankees, and soccer.  In many ways we could not have been any different from one another though sports was definitely our tether.

His knowledge of baseball was remarkable.  At one time before the onset of free agency, he could name every starter on every Major League Baseball team and at an instant recall statistics from most.  The Yankees were his passion, especially since the Yankees’ cable network was carried on his cable system. He coached youth baseball for many years, tutoring youngsters in the Miami area whose parents came from all walks of life.  He touched the lives of Rafael Palmeiro, Jose Canseco, and Alex Rodriguez, who went on to massive Major League Baseball careers.  His pet peeve with youth baseball was not the kids he coached but the parents,  whose behavior to him was unacceptable…..and most of us would absolutely agree with his assessment.

He supported and followed my soccer career starting early on at Coral Estates Park.  My brother had a way about him, his pure size sometimes intimidating but always the demeanor that I still wish I had.  He processed quickly and though he never played, his ability to watch and absorb the game often surprised me.  Our father worked long hours and most of my high school games were in the late afternoon.  Often, minutes into most of my high school games, I would take a quick look to the sidelines and notice that my brother was there, with his presence felt by most on my team.  He watched me closely, and though he criticized me, he was always positive and very supportive.  Only once did he come down hard on me and I will never forget that moment.  At halftime of a game that I thought had gone well, and after our coach had addressed us about a tactical change for the second half, my brother waved to me to come speak with him.  Instead of the supportive speak he often offered up, he went off on me about my work rate, inability to hold the ball, and lack of effort to track back.  It was one of those moments where you realize that my massive brother could have picked me up and crushed me with one hand.  That moment stuck with me throughout high school and college, especially the comment about my lack of effort during the first half of that game.

My brother was liked by everyone.  He was smart, kind, and opinionated.  He had passion for the Miami Hurricanes, the Miami Dolphins, and the New York Yankees.  His passion carried over to soccer.  My last text to him, yesterday afternoon, was to try and get a reaction from him on the effort Iceland put in yesterday against Argentina.  He never saw the game but I know that the effort Iceland played with would have put a smile on his face.

RIP Alan Levitt.

Happy Father’s Day to all.  





Humility. Sadness. Wonderment.

We Will Never Really Understand.

It was a wake up week for everyone.  Two people of great stature, success, and fame decided that it was time to take their lives.  One a designer who parlayed her talents into creating a worldwide brand.  The other, a culinary legend who had the presence and talent to show us the world through travel and food.  I am not diminishing the sadness of other suicides, merely pointing out that this past week may have made the cause of suicide a top of mind subject.

Anthony Bourdain openly discussed his previous substance abuse and mentioned that at one time he was a “very unhappy soul”.  Like millions of people, Kate Spade sought out help to fight depression.  Early indication of tipping points with both were relationship issues.  I guess that it is easy for many to wonder how and why a bad relationship would lead to someone taking their life, but statistics show that this issue may be the leading cause of suicide.  Other documented reasons for suicide include crisis and the inability to cope, substance abuse, and financial problems.  From my point of view, these documented causes, dovetailed with the “live up to the Jones’s syndrome”, ever-ending family and friend comparisons, and the lack of connection to others may put people over the top.


  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.
  • In one southern state, suicides take more lives than homicides.
  • In a seventeen year period between 1999 to 2016, suicide rates increased in almost every U.S. state- some states as much as 30%.

Suicide has unfortunately touched all of us in one way or another – and all of us ask why or “how could they do that to their loved ones”.   When the subject of depression comes up, we usually tell our family and friends to “get over it”.  At a minimum, this week has told us that being happy and content with life has nothing to do with fortune, fame, and glamour.  I have no answers to prevent suicide, but at a minimum, it may be time to reallocate the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on physicality and focus on mentality.  I have faith though I am not religious – but I am pretty sure that we were not created to be miserable, or in Anthony Bourdain’s case be unhappy souls.  If you need help, get help.  If your relationship has gone sideways, fix it or move on.  There are many avenues to pursue for help so don’t wait for a family or friend’s intervention.  If depressed, take some time away from tennis, yoga, bar class (whatever that is), and Pilates and go get some mental health help. If you have family or friends that seem disconnected and distant, reach out to them early and often. Don’t wait and wonder – just make it happen.

Many other top of mind topics  were on my list for today.  I will leave today’s take alone.