Reality & Reflection

Sometimes We All Need To Step Back.

I get excited during this time of year as the summer winds down (well, maybe not in Orlando), the NFL and college football are in full swing, and most the world’s soccer leagues (other than MLS) start their long and crazy seasons.  With all of that in motion it sometimes is hard to reconcile what has happened in South Texas, the Caribbean, Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  While most of us go about our daily lives relatively unaffected by these tragic events, there are hundreds of thousands without the basic needs of water nonetheless electricity.  Many have lost all of their worldly possessions and only now trying to figure out how to put their lives back together.  No housing, no water, the lack of electricity and the threat of future storms or earthquakes makes life even worse for those affected.

Sometimes, and now would be the time, we should all step back and be thankful for what we do have and stop worrying about what we don’t or can’t have.  Yes, many of us feel the daily pressures from life but would any of us trade our lives for anyone living in Puerto Rico?  Can you put yourself in the shoes of a small business owner in the Florida Keys, or the entrepreneur in Mexico?  For one, make your donation to the RED CROSS by simply going to their website.  Secondly, be very thankful for what you do have and immediately Cork the Whine!

Go have your Funday Sunday but keep your thoughts and prayers with the people around the world suffering from these events.   

The Sunday Cynic – v.2

You Must Be Kidding Me?

It is reported that Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, has decided to close all lanes of Florida’s turnpike and I-75 to generate additional state revenue from tow truck fees.  Editor’s note: my drive last Thursday from Orlando to Atlanta lasted a mere FOURTEEN hours for what is usually less than a seven hour drive.  You could count on one hand the number of cars coming south… have to be a pure idiot not to open up southbound lanes for northbound traffic when an emergency evacuation is declared.  This Governor must be past the point of stupid.

Tom Brady is reportedly still crying in his crib due to Thursday night’s performance in the NFL season-opener.  His wife, not ever wanting to get her hands dirty, still refuses to change his diaper.

An arbitrator has been called in to decide what false news to allow to be broadcast by the crack weather reporters on all the news channels, including The Weather Channel.  Their drama will unfortunately continue this week as Hurricane Jose is tracking a very bad path behind Irma.

Kim Kardashian was rescued at the NY Fashion Awards ceremony.  Thinking the venue’s dumb-waiter was a small elevator, her Mack truck-sized ass got stuck between the doors upon her effort to exit.  Interesting how I can make fun of a non-talent bringing in close to $90m in income.

Sources close to the organization tell me that the Atlanta Braves may be promoted to Major League Baseball from Triple A next year.

The Mayo Clinic recently reported that sleeping with your DOG may yield a better night’s sleep.  Yes, the Mayo Clinic, renowned as one of the best healthcare facilities in the world, has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this study.  Perfect.

On a serious note:  Have you donated to the Red Cross?  Go to the Red Cross website – it takes less than five minutes to populate the form.  Just do it.

Adios and all the best for a safe Sunday and week – thoughts and prayers to the people of South Florida, Texas and Mexico.



Short Take on the First Sunday in September.

Holiday Weekend in America.  Help out Texas.  Moron in North Korea.  Irma. Grow Up Rooney.  ATL UTD.

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.  Our work ethic and for a lot of us long working hours are frowned upon by many around the world…it is always interesting when I have people from Europe visiting the office and trying to reconcile our work policies and holiday schedule.  I guess that would make sense understanding that many European work forces use most of the month of August for vacation time.  Yes, I am envious.

As we enjoy this long weekend with beach time, grilling out, and visiting family and friends lets all keep in mind the people of south Texas and Houston, where the toll of the devastating flooding is just now coming to fruition.  Put down the beer or cocktail for ten minutes, go to the RED CROSS website, and make a donation to help out.  Yes, just do it.

North Korea continues to ask for war – early this morning they detonated a hydrogen bomb, with power that supersedes the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  Is China just playing the United States allowing this rogue nation to continue down this path?  Or is China and their million-man army just a bunch of lightweights?

While we stay focused on helping out the people of south Texas, don’t lose sight of Hurricane Irma, especially if you have travel plans to the Caribbean over the next week. Already a very condensed storm with 110 mph winds, this hurricane has not even hit warm waters ahead of its path. Unfortunately Irma is following the same path as Hurricane Andrew, which devastated the Miami area 25-years ago.

Wayne Rooney, simply grow up or go away.

My sources (funny, as I have limited sources) tell me that Atlanta United’s third home game at the new Mercedes Benz stadium, to be played on September 16 against now rival Orlando City, now has a ticket count reaching 65,000.  A regular season Major League Soccer (MLS) match is going to draw close to 70,000.  Say what?

I have now been publishing the blog for one year – thanks to everyone for giving me YOUR take.

Adios, have a Funday Sunday and a Safe Labor Day!