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Anyone who has read a few of my posts over the last five years understands that I have a zero-tolerance policy with anything to do with discrimination and racism. Zero-tolerance comes from my upbringing, where I lived, worked, and played with people from many different countries, from different races, and with varied religious beliefs. Sure, I understand that people across the United States feel impelled to voice their opinions to ensure that injustice and prejudice are called out and exposed. With all of that said, I now have a zero -tolerance to “woke.” I am over the use of the word “woke”, do not want the word used to generalize the feelings of people, and now have disdain for the very definition of “woke”: A term originating in the United States that originally meant to be alert to racial prejudice and discrimination.

  • For many years, journalists and protestors alike have had a misguided impression of the Atlanta Braves being just that, the Atlanta Braves. The Braves’ organization has made a tremendous effort to ensure that American Indians around the United States feel honored by the nickname “Braves” and appreciate that the fans chopping and chanting during the ‘tomahawk chop’ are actually honoring the American Indian. The article below, from a Sports Illustrated journalist, is completely off base and actually a poor piece of journalism. Shame on you Sports Illustrated. A thank you to my long-time friend Mario for sending me this crap piece of journalism. https://www.si.com/mlb/2021/10/28/atlanta-braves-tomahawk-chop-daily-cover
  • Speaking of “woke” we again turn our undivided attention to baseball. The use of the term ‘bullpen’ was first coined by a sports journalist back in 1877, one hundred and forty-four years ago. In simple terms, baseball’s bullpen area is a cordoned off area where pitchers warm up before they are called into the game. The bullpen is part of baseball, no different than the dugout or on-deck circle. Now, in the year 2021, with all of the world’s issues and concerns, PETA has decided to step to the plate. They have gone viral with their concerns that the term bullpen, THE AREA OF THE FIELD WHERE PITCHERS WARM UP, ‘devalues talented players and mocks the misery of sensitive animals.’ PETA has recommended that the term ‘bullpen’ be changed to the term ‘arm barn.’ Say what? I have an idea: PETA, please stay in your lane and spend your time on worthy causes protecting our animals.
  • A friend of mine knows I like history, so she recommended that I watch “Through The Decades,” a daily show hosted by Bill Kurtis that documents events that happened on that date in history. I have watched it a few times – and it is so well done that I now wonder why this show, which has been on-air for five years, is not part of some network’s prime time lineup. I have an idea: How about our school systems across America making “Through The Decades” a part of their daily curriculum?
  • Speaking of education and television, is there a better documentary series than the PBS show ‘Frontline?’ The series digs down deep into top-of-mind topics, with a high level of content and production. Last week I caught the ‘Frontline’ episode detailing the missteps taken by Boeing with their 737 Max – an airplane that employed a sophisticated software system. Due to cost and the rush to get this plane into the skies, the use of the software system was never made part of the training curriculum for pilots of airlines who purchased the 737 Max from Boeing. I have an idea: How about the FAA ensuring that this blatant oversight never happen again? Below is the trailer – you can watch this stunning episode and others on YouTube.
Frontline produced this documentary detailing the real issues with the 737 Max.
  • Facebook has gone from an incredible technology platform to a source of unguided persuasion and unreliable information. They changed their name to “Meta”, which by definition is a prefix — a word put before another — means after or beyond, to operate at a higher level, or change. I have an idea: How about everyone “operate at a higher level” and stop taking Meta (Facebook) as a literal presentation and representation of our daily lives?
  • I had an unusual confrontation with Alec Baldwin back in 2007, just days after a voicemail recording went viral with him telling his 11-year-old daughter that she was a ‘rude, thoughtless, little pig.’ It is a long story, but he was behind me at the LaGuardia Airport security check and may have caught me giving him ‘my look’, which stemmed from the fact that I was also a single parent of a daughter. He followed me to get a coffee, and with many seats available in the common seating area, he decided to sit down next to me. Anyone who knows me can imagine what I said to him – but respectfully listened to him rant and rave about his ex-wife, Kim Basinger. Thankfully, after twenty minutes of a heated discussion, Baldwin got completely distracted when a very attractive mom and her daughter decided to sit across from us…and you know the rest of that story. Sure, I am no fan of Alec Baldwin, but NO ONE should suffer the consequences of what happened on the ‘Rust’ movie set, including Alec Baldwin. I have an idea: A strict mandate from SAG and IATSE that no live ammunition, at any time, for any reason, should ever be allowed on a set again.

  • Tomorrow is November 1. Twenty-five days to Thanksgiving. Seven weeks until Christmas. Eight weeks until 2022. It has been another different kind of year and hopefully 2022 will be full of success, health, and happiness. I have an idea: How about everyone just stop with hiding behind “woke” and getting on with our lives in a safe and meaningful way? It’s just an idea.

Adios, pay it forward, be safe, and Have a Funday Sunday.

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