Random Thoughts for Mid-June.

Here’s Ten Things I Think I Think.

What type of training do astronauts go through to handle the G-forces on takeoff and then the 3-4 month living conditions aboard the International Space Station? Thanks, but no thanks.

Live televised sports without spectators are better than no live televised sports.

Master of the obvious (MOTO): Our country cannot shut down again. With that said, are all of us too overconfident with socializing with others – a false sense that the virus has subsided? Last week’s analytics tell me different and Beijing again being locked down this weekend is disturbing.

I think the prospect of a Covid-19 vaccine coming on line is encouraging. The dilemma, and hopefully not the obstacles, are the distribution channels that must be developed to quickly move the vaccine from the production facilities to the ‘point-of-prescription’. Most vaccines are very susceptible to temperature change and most must be kept in very cold environments. This is a massive challenge for the pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccine face as well as their suppliers moving the vaccine around the world. One estimate: it will take eight thousand fully loaded 747’s to move 1 billion doses of the vaccine to designated points around the world. While I realize not everyone will be vaccinated, today’s worldwide population is close to 8 billion. You do the math.

The loading of a 747 Freighter

I like what Major League Soccer is doing with their Orlando-based tournament. A mid-summer tournament where the points count in the standings with the tournament champion qualifying for the CONCACAF Champions League. On the east coast, early morning, night and late night games – yes, I really like what Major League Soccer has done with this restart.

I don’t like that the World Health Organization keeps publicizing conflicting reports of how Covid-19 can or cannot be transmitted from one person to another. Seriously not a good thing right now.

I think I am very fortunate that I played in the midfield and not in goal. Goalkeepers are different and this video may explain why:

No, and no.

I really don’t understand the “de-funding” movement with municipalities across the United States. Moving funds out of police department budgets in a time that dictates an increase in screening of police candidates and ongoing training of police officers does not seem like the right move. Does this weekend’s incident involving Atlanta police officers and Rayshard Brooks lend any credence to de-funding the Atlanta police department? I am probably confused about the objective of the de-funding movement. What is your take?

I think the Atlanta Falcons, though they have improved their team at key positions, could be in for a tough season. It is hard to forget the incredibly slow start they had last year and their first four games this season have them up against Seattle and Chicago at home, and Dallas and Green Bay on the road. Matt Ryan and his offensive line better come out controlling the ball and keeping their opponents’ offense off the field….a 2-2 start would be a win. I have never been a big Matt Ryan fan but his career numbers, other than a few unfortunate interceptions, are outstanding. One friend of mine in Atlanta would adamantly disagree with this assessment but the numbers don’t lie. 🙂

Matt Ryan — Atlanta FalconsPctYdsTDIntSckQBR
Regular Season66.2446626144892.1
Ryan’s total passing yards place him 12th overall on the NFL’s all-time list. 

As I posted last week, we live in a very complex world. The spread of Covid-19 and the subsequent fallout to this virus has altered the lives of millions. The last five months have turned many things upside down, including small businesses, the everyday lives of millions, and the impaired socio-economics we face, not only in the United States, but worldwide. Protests against stay-at-home orders evolved into protests against the police and governments in general. This past weekend we had another officer-involved incident which resulted in the officer being fired and the unarmed suspect being shot in the back. I am not in a position to pass judgement but what I do know is the “new-normal” is not normal.

Adios, pay it forward, stay safe, and have a nice Sunday.

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  1. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan – While the falcons are and will always be my team. I think we all agree that winning is more important than posting numbers. 28-3 was also a number …… I hope we get a miracle and they surprise us this season but I am not counting on it. Thank God for Atlanta United….

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