Trying To Keep It Light

This week’s post addresses some of the issues with the Covid-19 virus. In no way am I making light of the situation and the continued tragic events around the world. With that said there is plenty of serious content available on television networks, the internet, and social media channels. Heartfelt condolences to anyone and everyone who have lost loved ones to the complications caused by this virus. A ton of thanks and admiration to the first responders and all healthcare workers across the world….especially a Nashville-based neonatal nurse.

With respect, let’s keep this post on the lighter side:

To the people who bought 20 bottles of hand sanitizer leaving none on the shelves for others, you do realize that to stop contracting Covid-19, you need other people washing their hands as well?


Having trouble staying at home? Shave your eyebrows off.


Back in the day the only time we started panic buying was when the bartender yelled “last call”.


I sneezed in the bank today, it was the most attention I have received from the staff in the last 10 years.


To those who are complaining about the quarantine period and curfews, just remember that your grandparents were called to war. You are being called to sit on the couch and watch Netflix. You can do this.


Day 12 without sports: I found a lady sitting on my couch on Friday. Apparently she is my wife. She seemed nice.


My take: maybe it has been too slow of a process to strategically attack the spread of Covid-19, but some scenes of hope are starting to bubble up. People across the world are finally starting to shelter, social distancing is no longer strange, a $2 trillion injection, and a test where results can be extracted in fifteen minutes. We have a very long way to go and with a hint of vaccines coming into the pipeline, the economic machine will once again go forward. No one knows if it is a matter of weeks or months – not even Dr. Anthony Fauci or Dr. Deborah Birx. Stay strong everyone!

Adios, pay it forward, stay safe, and have a nice Sunday.

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