Random Thoughts for Mid-March.

Tata and Frank. ORL City and Minnesota United. Open Positions. Don’t Forget About Venezuela. Jaguar Wins In a Split Decision. You Can’t Handle The Truth. $330M To Play Baseball. Let There Be Light.

Atlanta United manager Frank de Boer, in his first year after replacing wildly popular Tata Martino, is from the Netherlands. He brings strong credentials as a successful manager winning championships with Dutch club Ajax. Former manager Tata Martino came to #AtlantaUnited with a great resume as well, and brought to the team both an open and aggressive style of play and what I will call the ‘Papa’ syndrome. Tata was tough and aggressive with his players as well as showing tremendous enthusiasm and leadership. The difference between these two managers, along with Atlanta United’s ridiculous schedule, and the departure of Miguel Almiron, has led to some poor results early on. Atlanta United’s player pool, and specifically their usual starting eleven, is made up of young and talented South Americans. Frank de Boer, coming from the Netherlands, has brought an ethos of discipline and directness to Atlanta United that may be yielding, in the short term, diminishing returns. From my standpoint and my experience playing in Miami, the South and Central American coaches I played for, due to the nationality of most of my teammates, never really spoke about pure discipline and ‘keeping your shape (formation)’ on the field. What they expressed, with the passion and enthusiasm ingrained in most South American coaches, was free and open play, pressuring all over the field, and the attitude of no risk, no reward. Are Atlanta United’s players, especially the South Americans, having an ‘allergic’ reaction to de Boer’s European style, discipline, and attitude? Only time will tell, but as my father always told me, no matter what you do and what you say: “know your audience”. Hoping today’s home opener sees Atlanta United back to their old self.

Speaking of Major League Soccer, kudos to the management and coaching staff of Orlando City. Two tough games, and two points after two draws. Yes, yesterday could have been a “W” and three points…but on the road on a nasty day in Chicago, taking home a point is not a bad thing. Also, watch out for Minnesota United and former Orlando City coach Adrian Heath. Heath’s club, in their first two matches has come away with two road wins. Big and positive changes for both OCSC and Minnesota United.

With most of his #Cabinet leaving their posts, President Donald Trump is now working with Randstad and Kelly Services, two of America’s largest temporary staffing agencies, to quickly back fill the open positions. (Was that political?)

I have been closely following the crisis and sadness in Venezuela. It is remarkable to me that most news agencies have begged off of their daily coverage of this humanitarian debacle. Out of sight, out of mind? Not for me – this situation is in two words: Dire Straits.

An unfortunate incident at a zoo near Phoenix, Arizona. A woman was attacked by a jaguar as she was photographing this beautiful animal. That is her story. The real story is that she crossed over a barrier with signage that read: “Don’t Cross Over This Barrier”. Call me crazy but if their is a barrier between me and a #jaguar, would it be a good idea to cross over the barrier? The photographer thankfully will recover from her injuries – she will be joined by R. Kelly at their next appointment with a mental health specialist.

My sources tell me that Michael Cohen is being paid a tremendous stipend to appear on Truth or Consequences. For those too young to remember that game show….don’t talk to me. #TruthorConsequences

I originally reported that a hostile takeover for Tesla is in the works led by Stephan Curry, John Wall, and Neymar.  Curry’s $40m per-year deal was trumped by Wall’s $42.5m per-year deal, only to be superseded by French club Paris St. Germain, who paid Barcelona a $256m transfer fee for Neymar – whose salary will be $35m annually AFTER taxes. But no, that was #falsenews, as the suitor is now Bryce Harper, who signed a 13-year, $330M contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Telsa and Major League Baseball…..meh.

The clocks for most of the United States went one hour forward last night. Daylight Savings Time is here which in my mind is a very good thing!

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!!!

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