Is It Really Mid-September?

Fake Weather.   Does He Stay or Does He Go?  Ole Red.  Meltdown. Can You Say Punk?

With all due respect to the reporters who really do put their lives at stake trying to give us live updates on weather conditions, this type of reporting just needs to stop:   Yes, it is quite funny to see the two people strolling behind the moron on-air talent, but come on, enough is enough with the sensationalism.

Arthur Blank and Darren Eales brought in their head coach/manager to kick start their new Major League Soccer (#MLS) franchise.  Why Gerardo Martino (Tata) actually accepted the Atlanta United job is still a bit of a mystery, after managing two national teams as well as a top club like Barcelona.  Tata taking the job sent a message to managers around the world that the MLS was indeed an option. Tata’s first year with the Club, with a few disruptions including the delay in opening Mercedes Benz stadium, was very successful.  This year is even better, with a good chance of Atlanta United earning the Supporter’s Shield and odds favoring the Club to get to the MLS Championship game.  Unfortunately, Tata’s initial contract is up at the end of the season and three prominent national team jobs are open, one being his native country of Argentina.  Obviously Tata is playing the cards out with rumors of Argentina’s interest in him coming back to Argentina to lead their national team.  I like the chances of Tata renewing his contract with Atlanta but if he does not, who takes over the manager job?  I say go big and that means two people who have the pedigree, the presence, and the system of high pressure similar to what Tata has installed.  Think Zinedine Zidane.  Think Diego Simeone. Why not?

Blake Shelton has a restaurant chain with locations in Tennessee and Oklahoma. He has announced plans to open another $15m “Ole Red” bar and restaurant in the incredibly saturated themed-restaurant area of Orlando, near Universal Studios on International Drive.  I am not the sharpest pencil in the stack but something tells me Shelton has missed the fandom of country music craziness by about four years. With that said, that area attracts millions of worldwide tourists… what do I know?

The Fall of 2008.  It was worldwide and wreaked havoc on global markets. The crisis wrecked the portfolios of private and institutional investors.  Housing starts and commercial construction came to a dead stop as banks, for the most part, quit lending money.  Amazing how ten years later the 2008 financial meltdown thankfully seems like the distant past.

What could be better than his majesty himself, Cam Newton, coming to the ATL to play against the Falcons?  Many things.

Thoughts, prayers and safety to all the people and businesses affected by Hurricane Florence. 

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!!

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