Short Takes.

Some Rants for the Second Sunday of September.

NASA wants to get back to the moon but at over $2 billion per launch look for Blue Origin and #SpaceX to play a huge role in future space exploration and space commerce.  That is if Elon Musk can ‘get out of the weeds’.

Let me get this straight – the U.S. Open tennis tournament lasts two weeks but the scheduling has one woman having to play a semi-final one day after the quarter-final, with her opponent getting a day of rest?  Stupid scheduling.

That military parade put on by North Korea was impressive.  They did not show off their #ICBM’s (that would be Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles), thinking this would be their gesture of detente.  Can you say a regime gone way off the rails?

The University of Georgia football team is either really good or the University of South Carolina is really bad.  Or, maybe a combination of both?

If you live in the ATL you might want to Google what Steve Koonin and the Atlanta Hawks organization have planned for “The Gulch” area right next to State Farm Arena (formerly Philips Arena).  In a word: “Wow”.  

While Atlanta United has already clinched a Major League Soccer playoff spot, their rival Orlando City continues to implode after one poor decision after another.  A great stadium, a great fan base, and a very good fan experience is totally overshadowed by the lack of leadership in the Club’s management and ownership.  Corporate America, when suffering poor results, calls in consultants such as Bain or McKinsey.  With 7 wins, 17 losses and 3 ties, along with three coaches since 2015,  it is time for #OCSC to completely change their culture.  Maybe start with bringing back in Jason Kreis?

If you reside or plan on visiting the coast between Savannah and Southern Virginia, all the best dealing with hurricane Florence.  Hopefully Florence stalls and the Gulf Stream and winds help turn this storm due north.  As a heads up, keep Hurricane Isaac in view.  I don’t like the path this storm is taking.  Not at all.

Naomi Osaka.  20 years-old and plays her heart out to beat Serena Williams in yesterday’s U.S. Open final.  It is too bad that the match was overshadowed with the verbal battle between Serena and the dumb ass chair umpire.  Umpires, referees, and judges of sport have difficult jobs but there is time for discretion in every scenario.  That includes Serena’s emotion on the court, especially when the match is the Final of a major tournament.

Enjoyed him or not, Burt Reynolds was American icon.  The former Florida State University football player was underrated as an actor. He had great range, able to play a basic moron in “Smokey and the Bandit” and sociopath in that very unnerving “Deliverance” classic.  RIP Burt Reynolds.

As the chant goes: “It’s Great To Be a Florida Gator”.   NOT after yesterday.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!

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