End of August Takes.

The Hanoi Hilton.   A Contingency.   Fish Kill.   Real Estate Woes?  The United Factor.  Thanks.

Shot down over enemy lines, he spent five years in hell, or what the North Vietnamese called prison.  He had a tremendous run, making his mark in the world of politics and took a very hard stance with protecting all Americans.  RIP John McCain.

There is the usual air of confidence surrounding the Atlanta Falcons heading into their season opener September 6th against the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.  Not that results in the preseason mean anything but the 0-3 Falcons look marginal and have yet to play Julio Jones or Devonta Freeman.  At a minimum, and to many of us way more enjoyable, we have Atlanta United to fall back on as they make their late season run to the Supporters Shield and the Major League Soccer playoffs.

Heads up.  If you and the family are planning a trip to the West coast of Florida be aware of the two emerging tides……and I am not referring to the high and low tide.   The Red tide may now be joined with the Brown tide – in a word nasty stuff killing fish and preventing people from enjoying the Gulf of Mexico. A sad situation on what are usually incredibly beautiful beaches.

Is the soft real estate business typical seasonality or a sign of a pending slowdown or correction in the marketplace?  Wells Fargo, still recovering from their sleazy customer on boarding practices, has now told as many as 700 employees in their mortgage practice to find a new job “to better align with current volumes”.  Interesting dichotomy with the stock market’s bull run.  

Not a common thread for professional athletes.  Think about Manchester City, Barcelona, Liverpool, and Toronto FC.  Each with a great player, small in stature, who has dominated the playing field with tremendous skill, tactical awareness, and the ability to take 50/50 chances and convert them into goals.  Now take a look a #JosefMartinez, Atlanta United’s 5’6″ striker who on Friday night, before a raucous crowd at Orlando City Stadium, set the Major League Soccer season scoring record with his 28th goal.  Martinez brings it every game, holding off defenders with his fierce playing style and ability to strike the ball with either foot.  A more interesting statistic is his nine goals with his head, a bit crazy considering he is sometimes going up against defenders who tower over him.  He is on 28 goals and still has eight regular season games to play.  Any guess on the number he ends up with?

Today’s blog marks two years of Just My Take.  I appreciate all the comments, rebuttals, and pure disagreements from all the readers.  I will continue on with the blog and make every attempt to stay away from religion and politics.  Your response to my take is always welcome.

Adios and have a Funday Sunday!

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