Queen of Soul. Fatty. Ebola. Show Respect. Oh Wilbur. Never Too Old?

Another One GoneMake Up Your Mind.  Viral Elimination.  Stand For The Flag. Mom, Why Are There Horses Boarding The Plane? Sarasota Soccer In The Summer.

Last Thursday she passed away of pancreatic cancer a the age of 76.  Born to a musical family in Memphis she became famous in the ’60s for her one-of-a-kind gospel-style music that covered many topics including love and feminism.  Aretha Franklin, called by many the “Queen of Soul”, had more than 100 singles on the Billboard charts and was the first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  She was one of the most decorated Grammy winners of all time and performed at sold-at venues across the world.  You all remember ‘Respect’ and ‘You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman’…..and her incredible diner scene in the #BluesBrothers.  RIP Aretha Franklin.

It seems that doctors can not make up their minds.  Recently reported by researchers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, people on low-carb diets who replaced their carbohydrates with protein and fats from animals, such as with beef, lamb, pork, chicken and cheese, had a greater risk of mortality than those whose protein and fats came from plant sources, such as vegetables and nuts.  Well OK……it is now time to go to the food intake of the Paleolithic era.

The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is so dangerous that humanitarian groups are no longer allowed to go to that region of Africa.  A very sad situation and someways unbelievable that the #CDC and their vast resources can not solve this serious issue.  Hypothetical question:  ‘Would a vaccine come faster if the affected region was not in a third-world country?”.   Makes me wonder.  An awful situation.

I have stated many times that I am a football fan.  All three:  American pro and college football and the football played with the round ball.   So let’s forget politics and the 1st Amendment for a nano-second and get back to reality:  if you don’t stand for an Honor Guard, the National Anthem, and the Flag, you are showing disrespect to every active and retired military veteran, as well as our military who have been killed in action.  Disrespect in my workplace is not tolerated.  To the people who run the NFL Players Association (#NFLPA):  all of you are spineless to relent and let some of your membership behave this way.  Spineless is lenient – I have a more descriptive word for your weakness in dealing with your Association members.

Sources tell me Mr. Ed is very teed off.  After decades of having to travel America in a horse trailer, Mr. Ed has learned that Southwest Airlines will now allow miniature horses to come aboard their aircraft.  Sure, miniature horses are recognized as service animals by the American Disabilities Act, but all of us who travel completely understand what could be a smelly situation at 30,000 feet.  Mr. Ed was last seen huddled with his attorneys working through a possible endorsement deal with Southwest.  Perfect.

I just finished playing in a 7 v 7 soccer tournament in Sarasota, Florida. Great fun but the Southwest Florida heat is a bit overwhelming. We fortunately did not make it through to the Final which would have had us playing 200 minutes in under two days. I am checking out now, looking for an IV, a cold pool, and a massage therapist.  I promise your Sunday is going to be way more fun than mine.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday.   

6 thoughts on “Queen of Soul. Fatty. Ebola. Show Respect. Oh Wilbur. Never Too Old?”

  1. Hi Gary,

    Congratulations on the soccer tournament. At our age, survival isn’t a victory, it is THE Victory! It gives me hope for my hockey tournament next February in Santa Barbara.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on the NFL’s spineless attempt to address the ongoing kneeling protests. Free speech is one of our greatest freedoms, but we’ve lost track of the wisdom to exercise that right responsibly. Not only our NFL players, but in the expression of political views on so many other topics as well.

  2. Just curious – when people watch a football game on TV in their home or at a bar, do they stand for the National Anthem?

      1. Ok, got it. Public displays or performances of national anthem only. Any other time we can ignore. Good to know I won’t lose my seat at the bar! 😉

        1. Are you referring to the First Amendment or your just OK with disrespecting the Flag, the Honor Guard, and the National Anthem?

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