Short Takes for the 1st Sunday in November.

Man Up.  Sophia.  Tata.  Way Too Long.  Good to Bad.  Take a Knee.  The Dark of the Sun.

People working with people.  Business travel with a mix of women and men.  The pressure, anxiety, and sometimes isolation of being on the road away from home.  Management that provides for an atmosphere of bad behavior.  People parlaying their position of power into solicitation.  All of this happens on a regular basis, day in and day out.  Any and all of this has been prevalent and is unfortunately top of mind due to the alleged actions of  Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey.  I am sure that some of the many allegations socialized through the media have no substantiation but even if 1% of the many allegations are true some type of severe ramifications need to happen, and happen fast.

There is a recent photo of Sophia Loren on social media channels.  She is still beautiful and stunning……at 77 years-old.  Wish she could tell us how.

It looks like Tata Martino, Atlanta United’s manager, has turned down an approach by U.S. Soccer to be their next manager.  Bad for U.S. Soccer and very good for Atlanta United.

Other than money derived from commercial breaks, is there any reason Major League Baseball should not reduce the number of innings from 9 to 7?

In one day Houston’s sports fans go from exhilaration with their World Series win to tears with the ACL injury to the Texans starting quarterback, DeShaun Watson.

The National Football League reports that their season-to-date attendance and TV ratings are slightly off plan from a year ago……really NFL?

Hoping that everyone remembers (except Arizona and Hawaii) to set their clocks back one hour late Saturday night or very early Sunday morning.  Does the 5:45pm darkness bother anyone else?  Cannot wait for the 1st Sunday in March.

Adios and have a great Saturday & Funday Sunday!!!


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