Quick Takes for Mid-October.

Views from Central Florida.

I have pledged to stay away from religion and politics….but really, leadership and twitter do not resonate with anyone.

If you cannot take a point or three from Trinidad & Tobago in a knockout game to reach the World Cup your program needs to be overhauled.  From the people at the top to the players to the youth development system…change it all up.

Urban planners who were paid to PLAN the future infrastructure of fast-growing southeastern cities did not plan at all.  Drive through Charlotte, Atlanta or Orlando.

Everyone keeps saying that Roger Federer, the 19-time Grand Slam winner, is ready to retire after 94 career wins.  Nope.  Last night he beat Rafael Nadal in straight sets in the Shanghai Open.  Federer = wine.

Innocent until proven guilty.  With that said if it looks like and duck and walks like a duck…..Harvey Weinstein.

Sirius/XM has added a ‘Tom Petty’ channel. Smart move.

North Korea is very lucky that they are not a parking lot.

The Atlanta Hawks are in a rebuilding mode – they have a great front office so count on them turning it around quickly.  Still good fun to check them out and what Steve Koonin has planned for the Philips Arena area is going to be top class.

O.J. released from prison and autograph dealers lined up to pay for helmets he autographed last weekend.  I know the world is weird but how can there be a market for anything signed O.J.?

Please, no more hurricanes in 2017.  Devastating.

Baseball = boring, with postseason games lasting an average of 3 hours, 41 minutes.  Ridiculous.

Orlando getting ready for winter.  Not so much.

Adios and have a Funday Sunday!!






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