Sleep Well Kim Jong Un. There Should Be No Reason. Five Stripes and the Hawks.

Détente, Maybe Not.  Thirteen Is Not Enough.  ATL UTD and the Hawks.

Carrier Strike Group 1 (CSG1) was deployed to the Korean peninsula last week to start joint naval exercises with Japan and South Korea.  On Friday, after North Korea test-fired another missile, CSG1 entered the Korean Strait.  CSG1 is the support group that includes the USS Carl Vinson, a Nimitz-class nuclear powered aircraft carrier with a crew of 5,700.  The firepower of the USS Vinson consists of surface-to-air missiles and various anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems.  Along with this onboard armament, the Carl Vinson has 90 aircraft that can be deployed on demand. The support group responsible for the safety of the $8B aircraft carrier includes a nuclear-powered attack submarine and various destroyers and frigates.  It is inevitable that North Korea’s very young ‘leader’ will challenge the presence of CSG1 and continue to provoke and threaten the U.S. naval forces now parked within striking distance of Pyongyang.  China, of all countries, is trying to play peacemaker between North Korea and our pacific rim allies but if Kim Jong Un continues his nuclear threats China will need to back off when the combined forces of the U.S., South Korea, and Japan strike North Korea’s nuclear infrastructure.  It is time to send a message.  Bombs away.

Always the supportive one (no coughing please), I agreed to binge watch a Netflix program on a rainy night in Blue Ridge.  Thirteen Reasons Why is not exactly the programming I fancy but I got stuck in on the couch to take in a very provocative thirteen-part series.  My takeaways:  social media never relents and keeps our youth informed 24/7 with the good, the bad and the ugly; school bullying has taken on a different tact with the use of twitter, text messaging, instagram and snapchat; parents are or can be very ‘disengaged’ with their kids for many reasons.   I will not suggest that you watch Thirteen Reasons Why but if you have kids that attend middle or high school it might be a good idea to watch this Netflix series.  More specifically, I strongly recommend you watch the series if you are the parents who take your kids to a restaurant and allow them to use their phones or tablets at the table.  And you know exactly what I am referring to.

They are back!  Atlanta United, after four weeks on the road, play later today at Bobby Dodd Stadium.  The game is sold out and the crowd should be crazy and loud after not seeing The Five Stripes for the last month.

The Hawks ended their season last night with a playoff loss to Washington.  There are some great pieces to the Hawks’ player pool but look for some big changes for next season.

Have a Funday Sunday!!!

2 thoughts on “Sleep Well Kim Jong Un. There Should Be No Reason. Five Stripes and the Hawks.”

  1. Well, the AU did not come out well prepared for Ben Olsen’s style of hold and counter (particularly how to handle the counter). Left themselves so overexposed on three counters that decided the game. And the fluidity and composure of the Atlanta United attack found in earlier games was not there in enough minutes of the game to caused DC that much concern – got to give Hamid some credit though.

    Switched from Comcast to UVerse and saved close to $100/month due to sign up specials and finally got BeIn sports. Their Xtra soccer wrap up show SOOOOO exceeds ESPN FC with highlights and just enough commentary. ESPN needs to get on board and get more highlights and get rid of the mostly minutes of talking heads…..don’t need that crap.

    1. ATL UTD: not ready to play, over trained? Best player on the field was D.C.’s midfielder who can be no taller than 5’2″. He is very good.
      Hamid is a very good keeper.
      Comcast sucks. Let me know how ATT Uverse is working for you.

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