Fox Does Right Wrong. Impact On The Inaugural Season.

Billy Gets Huge Golden Parachute.   I Would Watch United At Northside H.S.  Random Thoughts.

If you look at Bill O’Reilly’s ‘walkaway’ payout from a pure business perspective it is still ridiculous.  Then you learn about the backstories and his purported ongoing sexual harassment of his co-workers. You then realize that his former boss, Roger Ailes, allowed and was involved in creating the toxic culture within Fox News, where women were constantly antagonized and harassed.  Yes, I realize that Billy’s nightly show brought in massive revenue to Fox News, but if I was the one accused of this behavior in one of former workplaces I would have been shown the door immediately without recourse.  Bill O’Reilly leaves Fox News to finish his new book and continue his tour….and with $25m in goodbye money.  Read his new book?  No.  Go see him on tour?  Hell no.

Over the last few weeks I have been a bit over the top about the Mercedes Benz stadium situation and pending delays.  I suspected that the delays would continue (can you say architect bait and switch?) and it bothered me for only one reason.  The delay impacts Atlanta United’s schedule and as supporters, we should now be very concerned that the schedule changes could impact United’s chances of reaching the playoffs.  The reality of the stadium issues and scheduling changes will not play favor to United due to the World Cup qualifying matches in September.  National teams will call in their players from the Clubs they play on and the Clubs must release them for these matches. This means that up to five United players may be unavailable for three late season games to fulfill their national team duties.  Darren Eales, Carlos Bocanegra, and Tata Martino have done a tremendous job building United’s squad and it is very unfortunate that the stadium issue, pending schedule changes, and world cup qualifying commitments could be obstacles to reaching the playoff round.

Top of mind thoughts: 

Dylan Roof finally was moved to a federal penitentiary in Indiana and is on death row.  Yes, the Dylan Roof who told the FBI that he wanted to start a race war so he decided to kill thirteen churchgoers in Charleston.  Anyway to expedite the death row process?

The 2017 NFL schedule is out and the Atlanta Falcons have again been dealt of a tough run of games that includes a rematch of the Super Bowl and the New England Patriots.  It should be a fun season as the play nationally televised games on two Monday nights and one each on a Sunday and Thursday night.  The NFL draft is this Thursday and here’s to hoping Dan Quinn finds a couple of diamonds in the rough.

The bad news for Elon Musk is that he paid $593m in 2016 income taxes.  The good news for Elon Musk is that he paid $593m in 2016 income taxes.  🙂

Atlanta United’s very tough run of fun straight road games is finally over with last night’s win at Real Salt Lake.  They will be home in front of another sold out Bobby Dodd stadium next Sunday at 3pm.

Adios and have a Funday Sunday!


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