The Good & Bad – The Dog Days of August.

Positive Thinking, Positive Vibes. Bearing It. Thoughts. All Along The Watchtower.

It has been an interesting eight months of 2022. I call it socio-economic fatigue. There are some real worldwide issues affecting most of us around the world, many of them escalated by media outlets yearning for greater ratings.

  • The Russians continued assault on the sovereign nation of Ukraine.
  • A U.S. political system that yields so much energy-draining nonsense.
  • A nuclear power plant in Ukraine on the verge of a meltdown.
  • Cartels turning Mexican tourist areas into war zones.
  • The continued barrage of terrorism from jihadists in Mogadishu.
  • Droughts and flooding, and the continued discussion of climate change.
  • Both pilots on a commercial airliner falling asleep and missing their landing.
  • Supply chain and inflation woes.
  • 22 million people at the risk of starvation in the Horn of Africa.
  • The continued battle with viruses and volatile organic compounds.

Those are ten top of mind problems and issues that continue to bombard us day in, and day out. I say enough of the negative vibes and let us look to our bear friends for a bit of fun and levity.

  • One of my favorites of all time, for many reasons, is this ‘traffic-control’ bear working the roads of Yosemite National Park. One bear versus seven road workers standing around wasting our tax dollars. I will take the bear.
“Smarter Than Your Average Bear”
  • Regarding bears, here is some very good creative from the brand John West and their canned red salmon product. Really well done.
A spot from John West Red Salmon.

What Am I Thinking?

  • College football is right around the corner, followed by the NFL, NHL, and NBA. The MLS and MLB playoffs start in five weeks.
  • Florida is thinking about using veterans to fill open teaching positions around the state. Clever idea, or not so much?
  • Has anyone ever stayed at Mar-a-Lago? I have not, but when in the Palm Beach area of Florida check out The Eau Resort, The Breakers, the Brazilian Court Hotel, and the Four Seasons.
  • Is it just the summer vibe, or does there seem to be a rapid rise with shark attacks from Maine to Florida?
  • Is anyone else wondering about the go-forward with cryptocurrencies?
  • The headline of the week: “Venice mayor calls out ‘imbeciles’ surfing Italian city’s historic canals.”
Just another day in Venice.

I am often reminded of the great music talent you can find at a music venue or on a side street. Yes, I am both jealous and envious of this gentleman, who does a great job with All Along the Watchtower, which was written by Bob Dylan and famously performed by Jimi Hendrix.

A great version of All Along The Watchtower.

Adios, pay it forward, be safe, and have a Funday Sunday!

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