Cork The Whine V.2

Inspiration From The Remarkable.

  • While we are dealing with the continued pandemic – with people a bit sideways due to masking and the vaccination, I just wanted to remind everyone to cork the whine. The Paralympic Games are underway in Tokyo with athletes from all over the world competing at very high levels. The next time you are out of sorts take a look at the video below. In a word, amazing people doing remarkable things.
Amazing and remarkable.

  • Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September. Labor Day is designated to pay tribute to the achievements of American workers.

One year ago, this was my comment with all of us living through the continued Covid-19 pandemic: “Of all years to recognize Labor Day, 2020 stands out. A special tribute to all healthcare workers and first responders. Please everyone, fly your flag.”

A year later and we continue to deal with the pandemic and the Delta Variant, which we can only hope has peaked and is on the mend. Keep your chin up, fly your flag, and I hope you have a nice Labor Day weekend.

Adios, Stay Safe, Pay it Forward, and Have a Great Weekend.

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