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$340 Million. Power Up. Bite-Size Burgers. A Marketer’s Dream. Media Manipulation? Join The Team.

  • Fernando Tatis Jr. agreed to a 14-year, $340 million contract extension with the San Diego Padres on Wednesday, securing one of the largest guarantees in American sports history. Good for Tatis Jr., his family and of course his agent, and with that said it is getting a bit old listening to professional sports teams and their owners whine about the pandemic’s effect on the balance sheet. Sure, Tatis Jr. has become one of the stars of baseball, and yes, I told everyone about Lionel Messi’s new contract with Barcelona, but these numbers are staggering.
  • Godspeed to everyone affected by last week’s cold weather that put millions of people in peril with no power and to some degree no running water. Amazing that in 2021 we can land another rover on Mars but cannot implement redundancy with our power grids and systems. I am not slamming our power companies, as they are working around the clock to restore power, I am just pointing out that from a technology standpoint, it is time for some very smart people to figure this issue out so it never happens again. A friend in the power industry has committed to a guest column giving all of us insight into the ‘business of power’ in the United States. I don’t know much but I really have no clue of how power is sold and bought around the world.
  • A sign of the pandemic times where people are looking for ‘small wins’: I have heard more than a few people excited about an offering on the food delivery front. White Castle, known for those incredibly healthy and delicious little burgers, is building their largest store to date in Orlando, Florida. To celebrate and promote their new store, their commissary in Orlando has announced that those White Castle burgers will be available for delivery from various store-to-door delivery companies. This is a small win?
  • I have not done a ‘background check’ on Naomi Osaka, and unless there is some hidden demon from her past, this young lady is a marketer’s dream. Tall, attractive, multilingual and with massive poise, Osaka won her 4th major tennis title at Saturday’s Australian Open. Her agent must be ranking and rating a massive amount of endorsement offers from brands across the world.
  • I enjoyed the Governor of New York’s press conferences that started late last March when it seemed obvious that Covid-19 was going to be a huge problem. Chris Cuomo seemed genuine and transparent as he presented daily data and information about the virus and hospitalizations. I don’t like what I heard this week, with some type of cover up regarding New York nursing homes, and it will be both shocking and sad if these allegations come to fruition.
  • If you think I am letting go of my tirade regarding King Kong being portrayed at the same height as Godzilla, you are wrong, very wrong. Along with emails being sent to Warner Bros. Pictures’ CEO, I am now officially part of “Team Godzilla.” Let me know if you want in but the vetting process is arduous. The movie premiers March 31 and since it also will be premiered on HBO Max, I am hosting an outdoors watch party on my rooftop. DraftKings and some Las Vegas betting lines have Kong as a slight favorite. Seem silly to you? 🙂
You might as well get on the right team…

Adios, pay it forward, stay safe, and have a Funday Sunday!

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  1. I have a memory of you doing a pretty good Godzilla imitation when that cross bar fell on the back of your head! Hands on the back of your head, face raised to the sky, bellowing out a loud roar, head moving from side to side…. 🙂

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