I’ll Take A Go At It.

Virus Mitigation.

I have discussed what I call the ‘virus fatigue syndrome’ from reading and learning information that is inconsistent from epidemiologists, virus czars, the World Health Organization and The Centers for Disease Control. It really irks me that in mid-July we are still not sure of the real cause of this coronavirus (Covid-19), the exact transmission faculties, whether antibodies developed after contracting the virus remain substantial, and whether or not you can contract the virus more than once. I know people 10x more intelligent than I am (which, by the way, is not difficult) are working hard on the cause and effect, but it is apparent that there is no short endgame in sight with Covid-19. Therefore, it is time for me to put up or shut up so I will start with four top-of-mind issues. My recommendations have nothing to do with politics, bipartisan wannabees, or anything to do with socio-economics.

  1. Everyone must immediately wear a face cover anytime they are not in their place of residence. Don’t make it a rule, or a suggestion, make it a state law. I don’t give a damn about politics, about a November election, what you look like with a face cover, the fact that you may have to adjust it more than you want to, that the face cover messes up your makeup (yes, wear a lot of makeup during a pandemic), and how it affects your self esteem. If you have self esteem issues wearing a face cover, read Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Yes, read the the damn book – it basically spells out the importance of food and shelter. What the hell do you need more than that during a pandemic? If you are ticketed by police officers for not wearing a face cover outside of your residence, you are fined $500.00 which will immediately be donated to causes helping first responders and the healthcare workers trying to keep all of us alive. If you are caught not wearing your face cover a second time, it is another $500.00 fine and you lose your driver’s license for a period of six months. That way, you can stay home, sulk, and NOT HAVE TO WEAR YOUR FACE COVERING. The face covering is no different that any other clothing article. Get over yourselves and your so-called rights and wear a face covering. Look at the science and the data – you don’t have to be smart to figure out the correlation. Again, my recommendation has zero to do with race, creed, religion, or political alignment. This is about the welfare of our country, our businesses, and our families.
  2. No public gatherings, for any reason, until January of 2021. No pool parties, no clubbing, no street tweaking, nothing that puts more than ten people in any one area. Restaurant owners, I support you but until year-end, your interior space allotment is 50% of capacity. That means 50% of your maximum capacity at any one time. Figure out and learn how to drive ‘more turns’ in your restaurant, so instead of one turn, you market hard to drive customers to your restaurant early and later and possibly create demand for a second turn. So instead of one turn of 100 customers, you create 2 turns of 50 customers and you try to stay ahead of your revenue plan. Bars will now have 50% capacity and no more than two bar stools together at ANY time. No standing at a bar with a drink. You sit at one of the two seats that are together or go somewhere else. Sporting venues: attendance is cut to 40% of capacity and no more than four seats together. 40% of an 18,000 seat arena or a 70,000 seat stadium is better than zero. The same 40% of capacity goes for maximum capacity at theaters, trade show venues, and concert halls….40% at any one time.
  3. Schools will go to a four-day ‘hybrid’ week. Students will be split in half with 50% attending on Monday and Wednesday and the other half attending on Tuesday and Thursday. Virtual lessons and homework will be completed by students on the two days they do not attend school. Students, teachers and staff will now receive a three-day weekend allowing time for recovery, planning, and spending time with their families. Face coverings for all are mandatory and forty-five minutes of the school day is dedicated to a low level of recreation. Lunch rooms will have box lunches if students do not bring their lunch. No cafeteria lines, no picking and choosing of food. Parents: again refer to Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs. Mitigate the risk and keep our children safe and educated.
  4. Get off your home office desk chair or your couch and donate blood. It is simple, it is quick, and blood banks around the country are in desperate need for blood. I donated for the third time in the last three months on Wednesday of last week. I made my appointment online, arrived at 11:25am, and left the OneBlood facility at 12:30pm. Unless you are not feeling well or have another healthcare issue that prevents you from donating, get online and make your appointment. The donation organizations appreciate your donation and some of them provide you with antibody, cholesterol, and blood pressure results. Just get it done – it’s simple.

I realize that my recommendations are easier said than done but the famous cliche “doing the same thing over and over again without a result is insanity” has never been so relevant. I am not asking for martial law and I certainly understand the plight of the small business owner or people who have lost their jobs due to businesses having to basically stop doing business. I am asking for all of us to get serious, very serious, with stopping the spread of Covid-19. We cannot due March and April again. We cannot shut down this country again. We just can’t. That is my ‘go at it’….what’s yours?

Adios, be safe, pay it forward, and have a nice Sunday.

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