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Headlines To Ponder V.2

Paul McCartney thinks The Beatles were better than the Rolling Stones. There is no doubt that from an innovation standpoint, The Beatles led the explosion of music worldwide. Looking at a comparison from a pure music standpoint, in my mind the Rolling Stones are way out in front. Charlie Watts is a much better drummer than Ringo. Darryl Jones is better than Paul on the bass. All four guitarists in the Stones were better than the three guitarists in the Beatles (and Mick Taylor was better than almost anyone else alive at the time) and Mick Jagger is the greatest front man in rock and roll history. In full transparency: my opinion is a bit biased as I have never been a fan of The Beatles. This is partly due to my older brother who did not like The Beatles’ music at all. Growing up, I never had a choice of music as we shared a very small bedroom with a very loud stereo system. My brother was very large and known to mimic Dusty Rhodes’ moves seen on Gordon Solie’s Championship Wrestling. Enough said.

Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney
Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney

Alex Cora Issues Statement On Suspension; Red Sox Unlikely To Rehire Him. I know people make mistakes and I believe in second chances, but how could the Red Sox spend ten seconds thinking about rehiring Alex Cora?

Richard Gere, 70, welcomes his second child with wife Alejandra Silva, 37. I don’t know if I am cringing or just envious?

Richard Gere and Wife Alejandra Silva Expecting Second Child ...
Alejandra Siva with husband, Richard Gere.

Americans could possibly inject disinfectant into their bodies to help fight the coronavirus. It really does not matter who said it. What matters is that it was suggested in the first place.

U.S. CDC says the second wave of infections could be worse. Cut this statement in half, and half again, and nothing about that statement is positive.

Possible coronavirus vaccine enters human testing trial. There is a lot about this statement that is positive.

Packed flight to NYC surrounded by people not wearing masks. No. Not acceptable to: 1) have a plane at capacity 2) not require passengers to wear a mask. This is a photo from last Thursday’s American Airlines flight from NYC/LaGuardia to Miami. We revert back to: nothing about this is positive.

american airlines flight
An American Airlines flight from NYC to Miami on April 23, 2020

Bundesliga gears up to be first professional sports league to return after pandemic shutdown. On Thursday, the German Football League announced the top divisions are planning to resume their seasons as early as May 9, pending final approval next week from the German government. A glimmer of hope for sports fans – will the NBA, MLB and MLS follow in their footsteps?

Is the talk about Kim Jong Un being sick — or worse — true? I know he is the leader of North Korea. I realize that his demise may lead to some instability in that region of the world. I also get that their military have long-range ballistic missiles at their disposal. With all that said, Kim Jong Un’s health and welfare, with the world fighting a pandemic, is not exactly top of mind. Yes, I realize the photo below may violate my no religion, no politics guideline, but I could not resist.

Tesla Owner Implants Chip In Hand To Unlock Car. I guess he was tired of losing his key fob?

Georgia is reopening hair salons, gyms and bowling alleys despite a rise in coronavirus deaths statewide. This went into effect on Friday. How do you social distance in a hair salon or tattoo parlor? Let’s all hope that this decision is the right one.

Woman dating a chandelier has discrimination case thrown out. The woman, pictured below, sued a newspaper, stating that an article was ‘pejorative to her sexual orientation’. She also made it very clear that she was not married to the chandelier but merely in a relationship with it. You cannot make this stuff up.

Woman married to chandelier loses discrimination court case picture: Caters LOW_RES
Amanda Liberty says she is in a relationship with her chandelier

In last week’s post, I was critical of some NFL general managers who I felt went over the top with their chest-beating regarding their ‘work from home’ technical setup for last week’s NFL draft. I am not going to walk back my comments but I will give kudos to the NFL for pulling off the entire draft in a virtual way. I only watched a few minutes of the 1st round and I was impressed with the production. Well done.

Adios, pay it forward, be safe, and remember that Mother’s Day is two weeks from today!

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