A Take On Things I Think.

My Top Ten.

1. I have no idea what to do about school shootings. Thursday’s incident near Los Angeles was this year’s 30th. In a previous post, I mentioned that all schools should have dedicated, full-time security guards and be gated. Thursday’s incident involved a student who attended that school so my idea does not hold water. Does anyone have a better idea of how to stop this carnage?

2. I am not looking forward to the next year of political diatribes and the run up to the Presidential election. Not at all.

3. The holidays start earlier every year. Yes, I said that last year as well but I have seen the streets of Orlando, FL. and Atlanta, Ga…they are already dressed.

Winter Park (Orlando) Florida.

4. I was coerced into seeing the movie The Joker. In a word: disturbing. Joaquin Phoenix in a word: tremendous. There is something amiss with the Academy of Motion Pictures if Joaquin Phoenix is not awarded an Oscar for his performance. I cannot recommend that you see The Joker, but if you do, fair warning. The Joker’s incessant ‘laugh’ is enough to make you squirm.

Can you say disturbing?

5. Yesterday’s Georgia – Auburn game was a tale of two halves. Auburn had their chances to send the game into overtime…but it will be the Dawgs playing in the SEC championship game.

6. Distraction is not an excuse:


7. Major League Soccer is in the expansion mode with Nashville and Miami starting up for the 2020 season. I am very much looking forward to those new clubs not duplicating Cincinnati’s inaugural season. #MajorLeagueSoccer

8. Trae Young plays for the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. He is young and a tremendous talent. With his minutes managed correctly by the Hawks’ coaching staff, you may be looking at the next Steph Curry. He is averaging 32 points and 11.5 assists per game over his last four outings. #ATLHAWKS

9. Venice, Italy. Very sad.

An unusual tidal surge has put Venice under water.

10. There is something so crazy about this: Last Monday, Alibaba’s “Singles’ Day” sales hit a record $38 billion. $38 billion in ONE day.

Adios, pay it forward, and have a Funday Sunday!

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