A Storm Called Dorian.

Psychosis With A Pending Storm.

I will never make light of possible storm damage or loss of life due to hurricanes. I was raised in Miami and I remember with Hurricane Donna, we slept in the hallway away from any windows or sliding glass doors. I remember securing trash cans and anything loose outside our home due to the magnitude of the winds. I also remember clogging up the drains in the neighborhood so that the rainwater would rise to a level allowing my friends and I to skim board down 92nd Avenue (until my dad figured out what we had done…which subsequently resulted in an ass-kicking).

What I don’t understand is the cause and effect with people’s mentality. Unlike a tornado, hurricane’s provide plenty of runway to prepare and get out of town… or prepare, stay put, and garner all types of provisions. So why, with many days to prepare, do people wait until until the last few days to grocery shop or purchase materials at their favorite home improvement store? Then, in a panic, they rush to the store only to find out that bottled water, pop tarts and plywood are no longer available. In contrast, this person must have arrived early on in preparation for Hurricane Dorian and obviously has taken advantage of the ORANGE Gatorade special:

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The panic gets so out of hand that one Publix in South Florida had to post a security guard in front of the “orders to go” area as people were taking cases of water already ordered and purchased by customers.

Another bizarre example are the people who wait to fuel up their cars. Does it not occur to people that lines at gas stations could be an issue? Hurricane Dorian is no laughing matter but the anxiety level caused by this pending storm has lead to very strange behavior by many people. Take for example one of Florida’s finest, who decided to dress up for the occasion:

I live on the top floor of a 17-story building. Yes, I am a bit concerned for all the right reasons but for the most part I am keeping my wits and have bought provisions. The rooftop hurricane party is set for Sunday night -even with Dorian changing to a northern course it may be the last night the power is intact for a while. Why not take advantage of the Labor Day Monday holiday?

On a serious note, Godspeed to any and all in the path of Dorian.

Be safe, pay it forward, and have a Funday Sunday!

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