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Who Would Have Thought?   Walmart Television.  Service This.   What Should We Cover Now.  Welcome Juventus to Atlanta.

Doug Roberson is the Atlanta Constitution and Journal’s beat writer who does a great job of covering #AtlantaUnited.  His peers at the AJC include Steve Hummer, an award-winning sports writer who has been with the AJC for over 24 years.  Hummer’s background and credentials have provided him with the opportunity to cover most of the great sporting events Atlanta teams have participated in (a.k.a. the World Series and Super Bowl), or events hosted in Atlanta.  He was a soccer naysayer, maybe for the right reasons, but his piece below is a tiny thread of evidence of how Atlanta United, led by owner Arthur Blank and President Darren Eales, have turned Atlanta into a legitimate Soccer City, USA.  Nice piece Steve Hummer!:

Hulu, Netflix and Amazon streaming services.  Now Walmart is seriously considering a new streaming service at low, low prices (sound familiar?).  In a few posts I have written about the cord-cutting precedent that is sweeping across the U.S.A. This wave of cord-cutting is led by those who have no desire to pay cable service providers their outrageous fees for a lot of content they are not interested in (can you say Comcast?).   I now have a very low cost provider for television and internet but when I move next, it will be easy to cut the cord with cable service providers.

I am a dog lover.  From the crazy Maltese I grew up with to the woman-loving, three-legged white lab/Shepard mix Montana, I enjoy being around dogs and enjoy their company.  With that said, many restaurants and other private entities have allowed dogs on their premises.  Now we have morphed into the availability of ‘service dogs’, who when trained properly, can give the disabled and the elderly incredible guidance and safety.  It is remarkable when you see a trained service dog guiding and leading someone less fortunate through a mall or airport.  It is unremarkable to see dogs designated as a service dog riding in a stroller or shopping cart under the premise of assisting and guiding someone.  Kudos to the Publix grocery chain who has now come out strongly against the morons who put their so-called service dogs in their shopping cart while they stroll through the grocery aisles.  Again, I love dogs but their is a time and place for their presence at restaurants, grocery stores, and airports.

No politics, no religion in this blog.  I will only state that news outlets in the U.S. must be wondering what content, other than the terrifying fires in Northern California, they will cover once the Trump-Cohen battle subsides.  Can you say Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon?  Yes, I can.

Wednesday night.  Atlanta.  Mercedes Benz Stadium.  The Major League Soccer All-Star Game.  #MLS All-Stars v. Juventus.  75,000 people.  Soccer-City U.S.A.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday.   


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