Mid-July Things I Think.

The Coast of Maine.   Cavemen.  Discriminatory Behavior – NO.   The Final.  Orlando City Wins!

If you are looking for an easy way to spend a long weekend, fly to Portland, Maine.  Within an hour of Portland, either south or north, the coastline, while different than the California coast, offers equivalent spectacular views and activities.  Try hiking on many coastline trails, take in a sail or enjoy the experience of fishing for haddock.  I don’t say this often but I would head back there often to enjoy what the Maine coastal areas offer.  Yes, you might want to get up there before the end of October.

We all look for ‘wins’ in life.  Positive experiences in today’s life are few and far between, but learning that the twelve soccer players and their coach were finally safe was fantastic.  The players and coach from the Wild Boars soccer team had visited these caves in the past, and had only planned on spending an hour exploring one of many caves in the Tham Luang region of Thailand.  Once inside, torrential rains flooded portions of the cave preventing them from returning to the entrance, a circumstance that kept them with little food, water, and no daylight for 18 days.  A tremendous effort from worldwide rescue crews, who after many days of planning and preparation, were able to ‘swim out’ the 12 players and coach in what really was a great deal of skill and luck.  A great story in the midst of so many negative vibes happening in today’s world.

Ride-sharing has become ubiquitous.  Led by Uber and Lyft, these companies provide car services to millions.  Uber’s mismanagement,  ethics, and lack of enforcement of discriminatory behavior from their executives  has put the company in a very precarious position.  These allegations started at least two years ago and unfortunately continue today.  If you have an option to use Lyft, do so, at least until Uber gets their act together.

Whether a soccer fan or not, the World Cup final is must-see TV.  France, with it’s relative all-star team, faces the blue-collar men of Croatia in a final few would have predicted.  Close to 1.2 billion people will tune in later this morning (11am EDT) to watch the culmination of what has been a fun and exciting World Cup tournament.  Here is to hoping that the final is as intriguing as the semi-finals.  I guess the reality is that it all boils down to country pride and money.  Speaking of money: today’s winner between France and Croatia will take home $38 million in prize money.  Yes, $38m! The runners-up in Sunday’s showpiece at Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium will receive $28m.  Nice payday for both.

Congrats to Orlando City, who beat Toronto 2-1 last night.  Finally a complete effort from the team and their new coach, who made a few changes in the starting lineup that resulted in Orlando City’s many chances.  Kudos to the supporters, who came out and were very loud for all ninety minutes.  Orlando City had lost nine straight games until last night’s win.

Adios and have a Funday Sunday!

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