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I Just Don’t Understand Bears, The Wedding, Big Hair, P.Diddy, and a Discussion of the Cephalopod.  These Two Just Don’t Like Each Other.  On The Way to a Triple Crown?

After the tragedy at the Parkland, Florida high school, I stated that school security, not gun control, should be our #1 initiative: “I will not comment on why a 19-year old possessed a AR-15 rifle, groups of gun activists or gun control, nor our divided political system.  What I will comment on is school security.  Don’t get me wrong, I put no blame on the high school administrators where last week’s massacre took place.  My bewilderment relates to the ability of someone, anyone, able to enter a school with little security in place.  I only wish that the Washington, D.C.  protest would have been more focused on school safety than gun control.”  My  point is unfortunately reinforced with yesterday’s massacre at the Santa Fe High School near Houston, Texas.  The weapons, a shotgun and a .38 caliber handgun, were most likely purchased legally.  Gun control would have not changed the outcome of a 17 year-old who took the weapons from his house and walked into the high school he attended with the intention of killing his fellow students.  The guns he used were owned by his father so it is unlikely that gun control would have prevented this sick young man’s father from purchasing the weapons.  I will never understand why there is little to no security within our school systems.  I don’t know if the answer is employing retired police officers or our retired veterans, but Parkland, Santa Fe, Columbine, and other school tragedies all had one common denominator:  the perpetrator simply walked into a school and carried out the massacres.  I no longer have a school-age child but if I did I would help lead the charge to better protect all of our children when they are in school.

On the lighter side of things:  a large black bear, totally confused and mistaken, broke into a Colorado U.S. Post Office searching for efficiency, streamlined processes, and strong management.  The bear left quickly.

Takeaways from yesterday’s Royal Wedding. I liked her dress and Harry looked like he was going to pass out. Enough said.  (Yes, Kirk, I watched part of the ceremony).

Maybe there will or will not be a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.  At a minimum, they can discuss each other’s hair styles.  A match made in heaven.

I have no idea what a Kerry James Marshall painting is worth (or more importantly why it has value).  With that said, “famous art collector” P.Diddy paid $21 million for the painting.  Yes, I said P.Diddy.

From a report in the Scientific Journal:  “Evidence of the role of extraterrestrial viruses in affecting terrestrial evolution has recently been plausibly implied in the gene and transcriptome sequencing of Cephalopods,” the researchers write. “The genome of the Octopus shows a staggering level of complexity with 33,000 protein-coding genes more than is present in Homo sapiens.”  Yes, all of us understand exactly what this scientist is discussing. Simply defined,”the Octopus is an alien specie and supports the belief that modern cephalopods evolved to their present form here on Earth and propose the possibility that those we see today are the descendants of creatures that arrived on Earth frozen in an icy comet.”  Obviously, I did not pay attention to my core curriculum in my freshman biology class.

All Atlanta United matches at Mercedes Benz Stadium are fun but tonight’s game with the New York Red Bulls should be very entertaining.  There is NO love lost between these two teams.

After yesterday’s win at a foggy and muddy Preakness, can #Justify win the Triple Crown?

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!







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