Spring Season.

Short Takes for a Sunday Morning.

With all the talk and action by women for women, all women should look to Tammie Jo Shults as inspiration and motivation.  She served eights years as a Navy pilot in their Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron.  Now, as a commercial airline pilot, she follows in the footsteps of Captain Sullenberger (Sully) as she calmly and professionally landed a Southwest airliner with 144 passengers aboard –  after one of two engines blew apart at 30,000 feet.  Tammie Jo Shults = hero.

I won’t go politics here but it would it not be fun to be in the same room as Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump when they meet to discuss Trump’s demand that North Korea denuclearize?

A truck takes down a power line and the entire nation of Puerto Rico goes dark for 36 hours.  Hello, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and the year is 2018.

If you go to a Starbucks and you act badly you should be asked to leave.  If you go to a Starbucks and behave appropriately, and then you are asked to leave due to race, creed, or religion, you should find the best attorney available, who will take the case on contingency, and sue Starbucks and their CEO for every dime available.  This behavior in America must stop.

Last night, Atlanta United comes away with a 2-0 win against the Galaxy in Los Angeles.  Very well done, especially on the road.  Saturday’s match at home versus Montreal will surely sellout.

If you stuff 95 kilos of cocaine into your suitcases and bring it aboard a cruise ship, you are just stupid.  If you then brag about what you are doing on Instagram, you are just really stupid.

Cuba without a Castro at the helm.  Very strange.

To the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transport Authority (MARTA):  how about way-finding signage in your stations that clearly explain when trains run and where, especially late at night and on weekends?  Seriously, the lack of information, signage and non-functional LED signs is embarrassing for the City.  Do something about it MARTA.

A tough season for the Atlanta Hawks….but they have put themselves in a very good situation for next year with the draft.  Maybe add in a couple of free agent moves and the Hawks should be way better next season.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!











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