Short Takes for the 1st Sunday in December.

28 Days to 2018.

Really, we are in the last month of 2017.  How fast did this year go?

The Russians and FIFA at it again…..Russia somehow drawn into the weakest group for World Cup 2018.  Yes, the host country is Russia.

Capital punishment can get very political…which I stay away from….but, the guy who killed four people in the Tampa Bay area.  Enough said.

Yesterday’s win against Auburn puts the University of Georgia in the bowl championship’s final four.  While Ohio State supporters are very disappointed, Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama should make for a fun final four.

I have previously ranted about individuals accused of sexual harassment in the workplace.  I am sure someone else will hire him for the shock ratings but how toxic is Matt Lauer?

Gulf of Mexico beaches.  In one word:  awesome.

I still have a hard time understanding how, in 2017, a submarine can disappear off the coast of Argentina and  multi-national search crews have no idea where the submarine sits?  Then again, a passenger plane that went missing years ago has never been found.

Is the shine off for February’s Winter Olympics?  Interest seems to be lacking…maybe due to the time difference U.S.A. viewers will experience with the Games being held in South Korea.

Hopefully you had the chance to see the University of Central Florida’s double overtime win in the AAC championship game.  UCF ends up the regular season undefeated and while their schedule is not as tough as most D1 schools, I doubt there is any football coach who would want their team to take on UCF right now.

I-4 from Orlando to Tampa- another example of the U.S.A.’s unfortunate miss with the world of high speed trains.

Adios and have a Great Week!



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