The Week in Review.

Some Of The Week’s Highlights (or Lowlights).

Trump signed the Bill allowing your internet service provider to sell your info to advertisers.  Info including your location, browsing history, etc.  Nothing good will come from this.

Why is Tony Romo retiring from the NFL and going into the broadcast booth big news?  The Masters withstanding, it must have been a slow sports week.

Speaking of The Masters, the tournament started off with terrible weather and the world’s #1 player withdrawing.  Then the weather and the final round made for a great Sunday.  CBS’ production and broadcast talent deliver The Masters in a compelling, story-telling way.  Yesterday’s finish  was a good as last year’s Jordan Spieth debacle.

Assad, the Syrian rebels, the Russians, the Americans, and ISIS – other than the Americans and ISIS it is really difficult to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Atlanta Hawks have gone through a very tough spell with some injuries and hard luck.  Sometimes this period of a season results in a team coming together and peaking for the playoffs.  Yesterday’s incredible comeback versus LeBron and the Cavs may be a sign that the Hawks could be a big factor in the post-season.

Amazon accounted for 53 percent of e-commerce sales growth last year and the online giant continues to take a toll on bricks and mortar stores.  Bankruptcy filings and store closings are surging and it is estimated that 6,800 retail locations will close by year-end.

The DVR’s will be on for this week’s quarterfinals of the Champions League.  The club making it through to the Final and being crowned champion could earn over $125m.  Crazy.

Atlanta United has now played two of the four consecutive road games they are forced to play due to the Mercedes Benz delays and Georgia Tech’s football team needing Bobby Dodd stadium for spring practice.  These road games were against last year’s MLS champion and runner-up and without United’s leading scorer.  ‘Tata’ Martinez has a tough group of players to come away with a point from each game.  This Saturday’s game is in Montreal at 1pm.

I have complained numerous times about the sound quality of my flat screen TV.  Most of my bitching comes from hearing the background music but not clearly understanding the spoken words.  I finally eliminated the problem with some Bose speakers.  Inexpensive fix and big audio difference.

Dining on the radar.  Try Milton’s, the new Muss & Turner’s, South on Main, Amalfi, and Camp’s.

Adios and have a great week!



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  1. Gary, one of the reasons Tony Romo’s move to the broadcast booth was big news traces to the fact that Romo will be replacing Phil Simms as CBS’s #1 color man alongside Jim Nantz. Many media pundits, especially in New York, felt Simms was rather unceremoniously pushed aside for a complete unknown like Romo. I guess this is another win for the ‘Boys over the G-men!

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