Is It Really Mid-September?

Fake Weather.   Does He Stay or Does He Go?  Ole Red.  Meltdown. Can You Say Punk?

With all due respect to the reporters who really do put their lives at stake trying to give us live updates on weather conditions, this type of reporting just needs to stop:   Yes, it is quite funny to see the two people strolling behind the moron on-air talent, but come on, enough is enough with the sensationalism.

Arthur Blank and Darren Eales brought in their head coach/manager to kick start their new Major League Soccer (#MLS) franchise.  Why Gerardo Martino (Tata) actually accepted the Atlanta United job is still a bit of a mystery, after managing two national teams as well as a top club like Barcelona.  Tata taking the job sent a message to managers around the world that the MLS was indeed an option. Tata’s first year with the Club, with a few disruptions including the delay in opening Mercedes Benz stadium, was very successful.  This year is even better, with a good chance of Atlanta United earning the Supporter’s Shield and odds favoring the Club to get to the MLS Championship game.  Unfortunately, Tata’s initial contract is up at the end of the season and three prominent national team jobs are open, one being his native country of Argentina.  Obviously Tata is playing the cards out with rumors of Argentina’s interest in him coming back to Argentina to lead their national team.  I like the chances of Tata renewing his contract with Atlanta but if he does not, who takes over the manager job?  I say go big and that means two people who have the pedigree, the presence, and the system of high pressure similar to what Tata has installed.  Think Zinedine Zidane.  Think Diego Simeone. Why not?

Blake Shelton has a restaurant chain with locations in Tennessee and Oklahoma. He has announced plans to open another $15m “Ole Red” bar and restaurant in the incredibly saturated themed-restaurant area of Orlando, near Universal Studios on International Drive.  I am not the sharpest pencil in the stack but something tells me Shelton has missed the fandom of country music craziness by about four years. With that said, that area attracts millions of worldwide tourists… what do I know?

The Fall of 2008.  It was worldwide and wreaked havoc on global markets. The crisis wrecked the portfolios of private and institutional investors.  Housing starts and commercial construction came to a dead stop as banks, for the most part, quit lending money.  Amazing how ten years later the 2008 financial meltdown thankfully seems like the distant past.

What could be better than his majesty himself, Cam Newton, coming to the ATL to play against the Falcons?  Many things.

Thoughts, prayers and safety to all the people and businesses affected by Hurricane Florence. 

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!!

Short Takes.

Some Rants for the Second Sunday of September.

NASA wants to get back to the moon but at over $2 billion per launch look for Blue Origin and #SpaceX to play a huge role in future space exploration and space commerce.  That is if Elon Musk can ‘get out of the weeds’.

Let me get this straight – the U.S. Open tennis tournament lasts two weeks but the scheduling has one woman having to play a semi-final one day after the quarter-final, with her opponent getting a day of rest?  Stupid scheduling.

That military parade put on by North Korea was impressive.  They did not show off their #ICBM’s (that would be Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles), thinking this would be their gesture of detente.  Can you say a regime gone way off the rails?

The University of Georgia football team is either really good or the University of South Carolina is really bad.  Or, maybe a combination of both?

If you live in the ATL you might want to Google what Steve Koonin and the Atlanta Hawks organization have planned for “The Gulch” area right next to State Farm Arena (formerly Philips Arena).  In a word: “Wow”.  

While Atlanta United has already clinched a Major League Soccer playoff spot, their rival Orlando City continues to implode after one poor decision after another.  A great stadium, a great fan base, and a very good fan experience is totally overshadowed by the lack of leadership in the Club’s management and ownership.  Corporate America, when suffering poor results, calls in consultants such as Bain or McKinsey.  With 7 wins, 17 losses and 3 ties, along with three coaches since 2015,  it is time for #OCSC to completely change their culture.  Maybe start with bringing back in Jason Kreis?

If you reside or plan on visiting the coast between Savannah and Southern Virginia, all the best dealing with hurricane Florence.  Hopefully Florence stalls and the Gulf Stream and winds help turn this storm due north.  As a heads up, keep Hurricane Isaac in view.  I don’t like the path this storm is taking.  Not at all.

Naomi Osaka.  20 years-old and plays her heart out to beat Serena Williams in yesterday’s U.S. Open final.  It is too bad that the match was overshadowed with the verbal battle between Serena and the dumb ass chair umpire.  Umpires, referees, and judges of sport have difficult jobs but there is time for discretion in every scenario.  That includes Serena’s emotion on the court, especially when the match is the Final of a major tournament.

Enjoyed him or not, Burt Reynolds was American icon.  The former Florida State University football player was underrated as an actor. He had great range, able to play a basic moron in “Smokey and the Bandit” and sociopath in that very unnerving “Deliverance” classic.  RIP Burt Reynolds.

As the chant goes: “It’s Great To Be a Florida Gator”.   NOT after yesterday.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!

Takes For The First Sunday in September.

Length Does Matter.  DNA This.  Coaching Changes.  Space Race. Matty Ice Better Get Hot.

I get it. Obviously the longer the television broadcast the greater amount of opportunity for commercial and promotional spots. The money derived from sponsors provides the networks with the necessary dollars to bid on broadcast properties.  As someone who watches college and NFL football, as well as the MLS and Premier League, I appreciate the opportunity to tune into the many live sporting events.  Yesterday, we were privy to three Premier League matches and up to 22 college football broadcasts, allowing for a day of TV watching that will continue into the new year.  The issue that I have is the length of college football games.  It is what it is with numerous stoppages in play due to penalties, injuries, time outs, and breaks at each quarter and halftime.  The games simply take way too long even if you are at a beach bar on the coast of Florida…taking in all the sights and sounds (can you say New Smyrna Beach?).  While the NCAA has opened their eyes to this problem, even changing some rules regarding the play clock, nothing about yesterday’s games were different from 2016, when the AVERAGE game took 3 hours, 24 minutes.  Yesterday’s Wisconsin – Auburn game started at 3:30 pm and did not end for another 3 hours, 25 minutes.  An insane amount of time that included a 20-minute halftime.  Can someone explain to me why college football players need a third of an hour between halves?  To the pleasure of a few of my readers, I will not pull out the soccer comparison card.  The games and the dynamics are different, but I will say it is refreshing to watch a game that starts and ends within two hours. Tonight’s college game between Miami and LSU starts at 7:30pm.  Any bet on the game finishing before 11pm?

23 and Me.  What a concept.  Pay a fee, receive a tube to spit in, send it back, and receive ‘scientific data’ that lays out your heritage.  Wait, what? Yes, I paid the fee, spit into the tube and just can’t wait to see the ‘scientific data’….

After he departs from Manchester United, can someone enlighten me on the club/owner who hires Jose Mourinho to manage their team?  And where does David Moyes get off announcing his ‘interest’ in managing Atlanta United when Tata departs?  David, you had a hard enough time filling Sir Alex Ferguson’s shoes…….do you really think that you will be a fit for #ATLUTD after Tata’s magic?  Now, with that said, everything Darren Eales has touched has turned to gold (and red and black), so if the Scot is his choice – all good!

39B.  It is not a class room or a part of a question on an exam.  It is a launch pad. When you visit central Florida, make your way over the the Visitor Center at #KennedySpaceCenter.  The displays, exhibits, and theaters reveal the background information and technology that in a word is amazing.  To see the real Space Shuttle is actually surreal – and a bit mind-boggling imaging this ship working through deep space, breaking back through the atmosphere and landing on a very long runway.  If you have a chance take the time and go visit.

It is Thursday Night Football opening up the NFL season.  For the Atlanta Falcons, here is to hoping that there is a inverse-relationship between the preseason and regular season.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!

End of August Takes.

The Hanoi Hilton.   A Contingency.   Fish Kill.   Real Estate Woes?  The United Factor.  Thanks.

Shot down over enemy lines, he spent five years in hell, or what the North Vietnamese called prison.  He had a tremendous run, making his mark in the world of politics and took a very hard stance with protecting all Americans.  RIP John McCain.

There is the usual air of confidence surrounding the Atlanta Falcons heading into their season opener September 6th against the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.  Not that results in the preseason mean anything but the 0-3 Falcons look marginal and have yet to play Julio Jones or Devonta Freeman.  At a minimum, and to many of us way more enjoyable, we have Atlanta United to fall back on as they make their late season run to the Supporters Shield and the Major League Soccer playoffs.

Heads up.  If you and the family are planning a trip to the West coast of Florida be aware of the two emerging tides……and I am not referring to the high and low tide.   The Red tide may now be joined with the Brown tide – in a word nasty stuff killing fish and preventing people from enjoying the Gulf of Mexico. A sad situation on what are usually incredibly beautiful beaches.

Is the soft real estate business typical seasonality or a sign of a pending slowdown or correction in the marketplace?  Wells Fargo, still recovering from their sleazy customer on boarding practices, has now told as many as 700 employees in their mortgage practice to find a new job “to better align with current volumes”.  Interesting dichotomy with the stock market’s bull run.  

Not a common thread for professional athletes.  Think about Manchester City, Barcelona, Liverpool, and Toronto FC.  Each with a great player, small in stature, who has dominated the playing field with tremendous skill, tactical awareness, and the ability to take 50/50 chances and convert them into goals.  Now take a look a #JosefMartinez, Atlanta United’s 5’6″ striker who on Friday night, before a raucous crowd at Orlando City Stadium, set the Major League Soccer season scoring record with his 28th goal.  Martinez brings it every game, holding off defenders with his fierce playing style and ability to strike the ball with either foot.  A more interesting statistic is his nine goals with his head, a bit crazy considering he is sometimes going up against defenders who tower over him.  He is on 28 goals and still has eight regular season games to play.  Any guess on the number he ends up with?

Today’s blog marks two years of Just My Take.  I appreciate all the comments, rebuttals, and pure disagreements from all the readers.  I will continue on with the blog and make every attempt to stay away from religion and politics.  Your response to my take is always welcome.

Adios and have a Funday Sunday!

Queen of Soul. Fatty. Ebola. Show Respect. Oh Wilbur. Never Too Old?

Another One GoneMake Up Your Mind.  Viral Elimination.  Stand For The Flag. Mom, Why Are There Horses Boarding The Plane? Sarasota Soccer In The Summer.

Last Thursday she passed away of pancreatic cancer a the age of 76.  Born to a musical family in Memphis she became famous in the ’60s for her one-of-a-kind gospel-style music that covered many topics including love and feminism.  Aretha Franklin, called by many the “Queen of Soul”, had more than 100 singles on the Billboard charts and was the first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  She was one of the most decorated Grammy winners of all time and performed at sold-at venues across the world.  You all remember ‘Respect’ and ‘You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman’…..and her incredible diner scene in the #BluesBrothers.  RIP Aretha Franklin.

It seems that doctors can not make up their minds.  Recently reported by researchers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, people on low-carb diets who replaced their carbohydrates with protein and fats from animals, such as with beef, lamb, pork, chicken and cheese, had a greater risk of mortality than those whose protein and fats came from plant sources, such as vegetables and nuts.  Well OK……it is now time to go to the food intake of the Paleolithic era.

The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is so dangerous that humanitarian groups are no longer allowed to go to that region of Africa.  A very sad situation and someways unbelievable that the #CDC and their vast resources can not solve this serious issue.  Hypothetical question:  ‘Would a vaccine come faster if the affected region was not in a third-world country?”.   Makes me wonder.  An awful situation.

I have stated many times that I am a football fan.  All three:  American pro and college football and the football played with the round ball.   So let’s forget politics and the 1st Amendment for a nano-second and get back to reality:  if you don’t stand for an Honor Guard, the National Anthem, and the Flag, you are showing disrespect to every active and retired military veteran, as well as our military who have been killed in action.  Disrespect in my workplace is not tolerated.  To the people who run the NFL Players Association (#NFLPA):  all of you are spineless to relent and let some of your membership behave this way.  Spineless is lenient – I have a more descriptive word for your weakness in dealing with your Association members.

Sources tell me Mr. Ed is very teed off.  After decades of having to travel America in a horse trailer, Mr. Ed has learned that Southwest Airlines will now allow miniature horses to come aboard their aircraft.  Sure, miniature horses are recognized as service animals by the American Disabilities Act, but all of us who travel completely understand what could be a smelly situation at 30,000 feet.  Mr. Ed was last seen huddled with his attorneys working through a possible endorsement deal with Southwest.  Perfect.

I just finished playing in a 7 v 7 soccer tournament in Sarasota, Florida. Great fun but the Southwest Florida heat is a bit overwhelming. We fortunately did not make it through to the Final which would have had us playing 200 minutes in under two days. I am checking out now, looking for an IV, a cold pool, and a massage therapist.  I promise your Sunday is going to be way more fun than mine.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday.   

Operation Noble Eagle. Not A Strip Tease. It is 2018. The EPL. Perfect Pitch.

1800 Sorties.  It Started With the Ottoman Empire.  Hate Not.  Kane & Progba.  Six Innings of Fun.

The real question to be answered is the ability for any unauthorized person to get into the cockpit of a commercial airliner, taxi out to a runway, and takeoff.  We will look to the authorities at the Sea-Tac airport, NTSB,  and TSA to find these answers.  The backstory to this Friday night incident is Operation Noble Eagle, put into place shortly after 9/11.  We all know it as NORAD which is the acronym for the North American Aerospace Defense Command.  #NORAD is the combined organization of the U.S.A. and Canada charged with aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and protection for North America.  Under Operation Noble Eagle, it is alarming that NORAD has had to deploy 1,800 intercepts of non-military aircraft since 9/11.  For Friday night’s mission, NORAD directed two F-15 fighter jets to fly at supersonic speed from Portland, Oregon to intercept this rouge jet to prevent the pilot from crashing into a populated area or nuclear power plant.  The directive to shoot down the plane comes from NORAD, based near Colorado Springs and commanded by a 4-Star General.  The good news is that the pilot had no intention of terrorism and ended up crashing the plane onto an uninhabited island in Puget Sound.  A very sad scenario for this sick young man but fortunate that he was only looking for a thrill ride.  The real life situation for that 4-Star General at NORAD becomes a bit of a different situation when a jetliner is filled with passengers and crew, with terrorists taking over the plane similar to the scenarios of 9/11.  Giving the ‘knock-down’ command in that scenario has to be gut-wrenching.

Inhabited since the 15th century B.C. this strip of land later became part of the Ottoman Empire.  This Palestinian territory, only twice the size of Washington D.C., sits on the Mediterranean Sea and is bordered by Egypt and Israel.  Coined “the intractable conflict”, the #Gaza strip conflicts are inflamed by Jewish immigration and settlements, sectarian uprisings between Arabs and Jews, and Israeli occupation of the West Bank.  Fifty-one years of continuous conflict and war has also been fueled by many terrorist groups based in Gaza.  The Army of Islam, Hamas, and the Palestine Liberation Front come to mind but are also supported by foreign-based terrorist groups including ISIS.  Unfortunately there is no answer for this ongoing conflict as it dovetails with inevitable battles surrounding the Middle East.  2000 years of disagreement and conflict seems like it will never go away.

A year ago yesterday, in a beautiful town anchored by the University of Virginia, racial uprisings resulted in violence and several deaths.  Charlottesville, Virginia received worldwide attention as neo-Nazi sympathizers and counter protesters clashed at what was called a White Nationalist Rally.  America and Civil Rights go hand-in-hand but racial and religious discrimination is in one word sickening.  I guess you have a right to be a bigoted moron but why not find your way to a faraway place to vent your racial bias?  I know you are too stupid to figure out where to go so I will pick a destination for you:  how about the Danakil Depression, which straddles Ethiopia and Eritrea, with many considering it the hottest, lowest, and least livable place on Earth.  Sounds like the perfect fit for all of you.

The English Premier League started off on Friday.  Already we have Jose Mourinho smiling and three points for Tottenham.  Arsenal and Manchester City go at it later this morning capping off a good first weekend of the EPL.

It is has been a long time since I sat in front of a television to watch a Major League Baseball game.  I am not a hater of baseball, I just don’t like the monotonous pace as well as the length of the game.  Yes, I have proposed changing the game a bit, including reducing the number of innings to seven, but I doubt that my suggestion will ever happen as it will reduce the amount of commercial and promotional spots.  On the flip side, I took in a Little League World Series regional game yesterday.  The kids are no older than thirteen and show great skills and passion for the game of baseball.  Fun to watch and the game at this level is six innings.  Perfect.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!

Short Takes For The First Sunday of August

The Miracle of Durango. Football & Football.  Weed and the Jetsons. Judgement Day.  Johnny Be Bad.  A Wager.  Thanks.

Amazing that an aircraft filled with 100 passengers lifts off the runway at Mexico’s Durango airport only to be pushed back down by the force of wind shear.  The plane is slammed back down and the pilot steers the plane off the end of the runway….where it then catches fire.  Injuries, yes.  Fatalities, no.  Kudos to the passengers, many who are climbing back on planes to finally head to their destinations.  Extremely lucky.

Thursday night’s Hall of Fame game officially kicked off the start of the National Football League season.  Tomorrow’s Community Shield gets us ready for the start of the Premier League.  College football is three weeks away and Major League Soccer’s season is heading into it’s final third of the season.  Let’s get ready for some football!

Marijuana production and the private commercialization of space.  Who would have thought that these two industries would ever evolve? Marijuana companies across the globe are on pace to raise a record $8 billion by the end of 2018 as more companies go public and scale to meet growing demand.  When you think about who’s in charge of cutting-edge spaceflight in 2018, #SpaceX is probably the first name that comes to mind. Maybe Orbital ATK; or Blue Origin, owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.  Fueled by legislation, these two industries are poised for amazing growth over the next decade.  Unthinkable ten years ago.

Unfortunately power, money and control sometimes affects people and leads to very poor judgement.  These factors come into play with business, sports, church, and school administrators.  Now Ohio State University’s head football coach, the second highest paid college football coach in the country, is caught up in a serious issue relating to one of his former assistant coaches.  I truly believe in due process so let’s allow the six members of the investigating committee to come to their conclusion.  Let’s hope that a clear and transparent investigation yields a clear and transparent decision.  At a minimum, a very sad situation for #Urban Meyer.

Great debut #JohnnyManziel.  Four interceptions – in the first half alone.  Sometimes, what goes around comes around.  At least you are hanging out in the great city of Montreal.  Bonne Chance, Johnny.

Thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down the federal ban on wagering outside of Nevada, you can or soon will be able to bet on sports in a variety of other states. That decision has led to a constantly changing climate for sports gambling around the country, with states moving forward on legal wagering or starting to talk about the issue.  Outside of Nevada, you can now wager on sports in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, and Rhode Island.  In New York, the law did not change but you can wager at the State’s four commercial casinos.  Other states are bound to follow which should turn the illegal gambling industry upside down.

This post marks my 90th blog.  A great challenge for me, especially with avoiding politics and religion.  Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.  

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday.

Hummer. Streaming Service. It Is A Service Dog. TV Content. Wednesday Night Fun.

Who Would Have Thought?   Walmart Television.  Service This.   What Should We Cover Now.  Welcome Juventus to Atlanta.

Doug Roberson is the Atlanta Constitution and Journal’s beat writer who does a great job of covering #AtlantaUnited.  His peers at the AJC include Steve Hummer, an award-winning sports writer who has been with the AJC for over 24 years.  Hummer’s background and credentials have provided him with the opportunity to cover most of the great sporting events Atlanta teams have participated in (a.k.a. the World Series and Super Bowl), or events hosted in Atlanta.  He was a soccer naysayer, maybe for the right reasons, but his piece below is a tiny thread of evidence of how Atlanta United, led by owner Arthur Blank and President Darren Eales, have turned Atlanta into a legitimate Soccer City, USA.  Nice piece Steve Hummer!:

Hulu, Netflix and Amazon streaming services.  Now Walmart is seriously considering a new streaming service at low, low prices (sound familiar?).  In a few posts I have written about the cord-cutting precedent that is sweeping across the U.S.A. This wave of cord-cutting is led by those who have no desire to pay cable service providers their outrageous fees for a lot of content they are not interested in (can you say Comcast?).   I now have a very low cost provider for television and internet but when I move next, it will be easy to cut the cord with cable service providers.

I am a dog lover.  From the crazy Maltese I grew up with to the woman-loving, three-legged white lab/Shepard mix Montana, I enjoy being around dogs and enjoy their company.  With that said, many restaurants and other private entities have allowed dogs on their premises.  Now we have morphed into the availability of ‘service dogs’, who when trained properly, can give the disabled and the elderly incredible guidance and safety.  It is remarkable when you see a trained service dog guiding and leading someone less fortunate through a mall or airport.  It is unremarkable to see dogs designated as a service dog riding in a stroller or shopping cart under the premise of assisting and guiding someone.  Kudos to the Publix grocery chain who has now come out strongly against the morons who put their so-called service dogs in their shopping cart while they stroll through the grocery aisles.  Again, I love dogs but their is a time and place for their presence at restaurants, grocery stores, and airports.

No politics, no religion in this blog.  I will only state that news outlets in the U.S. must be wondering what content, other than the terrifying fires in Northern California, they will cover once the Trump-Cohen battle subsides.  Can you say Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon?  Yes, I can.

Wednesday night.  Atlanta.  Mercedes Benz Stadium.  The Major League Soccer All-Star Game.  #MLS All-Stars v. Juventus.  75,000 people.  Soccer-City U.S.A.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday.   


Random Rants and Thoughts.

E-Commerce.  Dog Track.   No More Uber.   GE Sad.  The Euros.  Zeke.

The success of Amazon and their bold and aggressive strategies have changed the commerce model in the United States, if not the world.  Then we learn more about Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant with 552 million active Chinese-based consumers.  What Jack Ma has done with Alibaba is mind-boggling as his empire expands and shifts into technologies related to the Cloud.  With that in mind keep your eyes on, another e-commerce enterprise with annual revenues approaching $60 billion.  Their model is a bit different than Amazon and Alibaba, with focus on online direct retailing.  For me the telling-tale of their successful model is Google, who recently invested $550M in, and Walmart, who recently inked a multi-year partnership with this up and coming e-commerce giant.

I respect the game of golf for many reasons.  Basically a sport that uses more mentality than physicality (which is why I cannot shoot under 85).  I enjoy watching the major tournaments of golf, a.k.a “Majors” including this week’s #TheOpen.  This year’s Open is at Carnoustie, where golf has been played since the 16th century.  Located on the coast of Scotland, Carnoustie Golf Links is the prototypical links course, way different than most of the courses we have played in the United States.  Now I will say my take on what many stay away from due to the ‘storied’ history of Carnoustie:  the course, burned out brown due to the lack of rainfall, is playing like a bit of a dog track.  Thursday and Friday’s rounds had players hitting 2 irons off the tee, with some of those shots rolling out past 300 yards.  On the first hole of yesterday’s third, Jordan Spieth had a 8′ putt for eagle because he hit a 380 yard tee shot that rolled out 100 yards after the ball landed.  Carnoustie has the ability to water and green up the fairways…they elected not to to “let nature have it’s way”.  To me, the beauty of a golf course is the layout, the lushness of the trees, greens and fairways, and the demand of having to use all the clubs in your bag.  Oh, I know you golf purists think I am dead wrong, but The Open, as well as the U.S. Open, the PGA, and the Masters usually meet my criteria for great courses.  Carnoustie is not.

Twenty months ago I took a look at the amount of actual playing time in one quarter of play in the NFL:  “Some who read last week’s blog had quite a bit to say about my piece on baseball and the length of the game.  What most of them said was not so nice.  This week, I decided to take a look at the NFL.  I watched the first half of the Monday Night Football game and gathered the following metrics (love that word) regarding the 2nd quarter: 39 – # of minutes of the second quarter; 35 – # of plays during the second quarter; 4 minutes, 10 seconds – total play time from the snap to the end of play whistle; 10 minutes, 30 seconds total time for six commercials/promo spots.  Extrapolate what you want from those numbers but the ratio of time played to commercial breaks is a bit concerning”.  Yesterday, I took a look at televised golf watching one hour, between 9:30-10:30am of the third round of The Open.   In that one hour, 31 minutes and 40 seconds showed actual golf activity.  Of that time, 4 minutes was taken up by two golfers, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, reviewing and over-reviewing their pending putts.  That leaves 27 minutes within the 60 minute time frame of watching the players play golf. The other 33 minutes was dedicated to commercial breaks, promotional spots, and back- story content.  You don’t have to wonder why the television rights and payouts are such massive money with professional golf.

Until last Wednesday night, I had never used a third-party food delivery service.  For whatever reason, I decided to use DoorDash, an app-based service that provides location-based restaurants, menus, credit card payments and the ability to track your order.  Though initially skeptical, the experience ended up being very good, with the delivery on-time and the food excellent.  A great app-based service that I am very high on – until I read that DoorDash hired Uber’s finance chief as their CFO.  If you read my recent blog, you know how I feel about Uber.  Oh well.

General Electric (GE), now only a slice of the mega-powerful conglomerate they once were – very sad.  Their Board is either asleep or on the take.

If you enjoyed the past 30 days of the World Cup, wait two summers for the “Euros”, the quadrennial European Championships which starts with all 55 European countries qualifying for the tournament.  Some say that this tournament, though European concentric, is a better competitive tournament than the World Cup.  I am one who agrees.

To Ezequiel Barco:  you are young, new to the Country and the Club.  We all make mistakes, act out, and most of us have to some level have misbehaved.  This is a lesson learned young man and hopefully you have peers, associates, and friends that can wake you up to get on the right path. Note: Atlanta United paid $15m for Barco, a 19 year-old from Argentina,  to help bolster the midfield and fill the void of Yamil Asad leaving for D.C. United.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday.

Note:  many readers have asked me questions about the blog and the website.  You may email me at the following address – please no spam as no one has time for that nonsense.







Mid-July Things I Think.

The Coast of Maine.   Cavemen.  Discriminatory Behavior – NO.   The Final.  Orlando City Wins!

If you are looking for an easy way to spend a long weekend, fly to Portland, Maine.  Within an hour of Portland, either south or north, the coastline, while different than the California coast, offers equivalent spectacular views and activities.  Try hiking on many coastline trails, take in a sail or enjoy the experience of fishing for haddock.  I don’t say this often but I would head back there often to enjoy what the Maine coastal areas offer.  Yes, you might want to get up there before the end of October.

We all look for ‘wins’ in life.  Positive experiences in today’s life are few and far between, but learning that the twelve soccer players and their coach were finally safe was fantastic.  The players and coach from the Wild Boars soccer team had visited these caves in the past, and had only planned on spending an hour exploring one of many caves in the Tham Luang region of Thailand.  Once inside, torrential rains flooded portions of the cave preventing them from returning to the entrance, a circumstance that kept them with little food, water, and no daylight for 18 days.  A tremendous effort from worldwide rescue crews, who after many days of planning and preparation, were able to ‘swim out’ the 12 players and coach in what really was a great deal of skill and luck.  A great story in the midst of so many negative vibes happening in today’s world.

Ride-sharing has become ubiquitous.  Led by Uber and Lyft, these companies provide car services to millions.  Uber’s mismanagement,  ethics, and lack of enforcement of discriminatory behavior from their executives  has put the company in a very precarious position.  These allegations started at least two years ago and unfortunately continue today.  If you have an option to use Lyft, do so, at least until Uber gets their act together.

Whether a soccer fan or not, the World Cup final is must-see TV.  France, with it’s relative all-star team, faces the blue-collar men of Croatia in a final few would have predicted.  Close to 1.2 billion people will tune in later this morning (11am EDT) to watch the culmination of what has been a fun and exciting World Cup tournament.  Here is to hoping that the final is as intriguing as the semi-finals.  I guess the reality is that it all boils down to country pride and money.  Speaking of money: today’s winner between France and Croatia will take home $38 million in prize money.  Yes, $38m! The runners-up in Sunday’s showpiece at Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium will receive $28m.  Nice payday for both.

Congrats to Orlando City, who beat Toronto 2-1 last night.  Finally a complete effort from the team and their new coach, who made a few changes in the starting lineup that resulted in Orlando City’s many chances.  Kudos to the supporters, who came out and were very loud for all ninety minutes.  Orlando City had lost nine straight games until last night’s win.

Adios and have a Funday Sunday!