Super Bowl. It Is Not Love & Marriage with Al Bundy. Star Attrition. Blizzard.

It Has To Be Super. Why Ted Bundy? Can Pity Martinez Fill The Void? The Bread And Milk Raid.

Here is to hoping that Sunday’s 53rd Super Bowl has a better outcome than: 1) the incredulous no-call that allows the Rams, not the Saints, to go up against Tom Brady and the Patriots; 2) two years ago, when the Falcons 28-3 lead in the 51st Super Bowl evaporated quickly; 3) Nineteen years ago, when Super Bowl weekend turned into Ray Lewis weekend. Yes, my friends, that was NINETEEN years ago.

Zac Efron, in my opinion a very good actor, has completed a movie in a role playing Ted Bundy. Question: who the hell is going to see a movie about Ted Bundy? Al Bundy, maybe.

Is Atlanta United’s tremendous success, just two years in, possibly turning into “no good deed goes unpunished”? We all know that Miguel Almiron may move on in the transfer window that closes on Thursday…..but rumors are also swirling about Tito Villalba and Leandro Gonzalez Pirez. Big clubs in Mexico and Argentina, respectively, are reportedly very interested in acquiring these two from United. Interesting times coming off the Major League Soccer championship run.

Maybe a dust of snow in Atlanta midday Tuesday. Panic is in full-motion as Publix and Kroger managers are reporting civil unrest at most stores. Not a laughing matter for 75% of the U.S. population….who will suffer below-freezing temperatures this week.

In tradition of the daylight savings time countdown: less than seven weeks and counting!

Adios and have a great week.

Cork The Whine v.2

As We Look For Peace and No Drama

Already in the third week of the new year, we sometimes go through tough times, tumult, concerning family matters, and just the everyday challenges we sometimes face. I say keep the glass half full because dwelling on the negative is basically energy draining, distracting, and really solves nothing. I like the phrase ‘cork the whine’, and sometimes I have to do just that. Let’s put this all in perspective. If you are facing some challenges that have you down, benchmark your issues with the following people:

Michael Cohen R. Kelly Jason Van Dyke Anyone Testifying Against El Chapo Theresa May The Opiod Addicted Enes Kantar Rudy Giuliani Workers Caught Up With The Government Shutdown

Compare yourself with this list of people. Don’t get me wrong, I am not supporting or condemning their actions or their situation. I am pointing out that in no way, no how we would trade anything for what these people are dealing with or have gotten themselves into. I would prefer to benchmark against someone like Ocean Ramsey. #Ocean Ramsey, who has become one of the world’s authorities on sharks….by swimming with sharks. This past week, she swam with Deep Blue, the 4,000 lb, 20-foot long great white shark sometimes seen on Shark Week. Her comments about her encounter are maybe a bit ‘off-center’ for most of us, but her positive comments and outlook are quite refreshing compared to the news of the day. I know my friend S² would enjoy swimming with Deep Blue as well.

Adios, stay warm, and have a Funday Sunday!!

To Do Or Not To Do. Hollywood and Their Award Shows. In The Buff. Club Soda and Lime. Changes.

What Do You Do With This Type of Human?  Just Don’t Watch. Distracted At Dinner. No Alcohol.  OCSC – Make It Happen.

His name is Jake Thomas Patterson. 21-years-old, unemployed with no previous criminal record. Her name is Jayme Closs. 13-years-old and recognized by many as an outstanding student and very special kid. Eighty-eight days ago, near a small Wisconsin town, Jake Thomas Patterson kidnapped Jayme Closs, then went into her home and murdered Jayme’s parents in cold blood…in front of the young 13-year-old. Luckily, after close to three months of captivity, Jayme was able to escape and is now safe. I have expressed my views on these types of crimes, ones that are pre-planned, cold-blooded, and involving children. Keeping with my ethos of no politics, no religion, I will leave it to my readers to provide me with their thoughts on the path of justice and due process with Jake Thomas Patterson. The arraignment, trial, incarceration at the taxpayer’s expense, rehabilitation, etc. Let me know your feelings with Patterson by using the COMMENTS section of the blog site. As a side note, the death penalty in Wisconsin was repealed in 1853. It has had no death penalty for over 150 years, longer than any other state in the country. 

I broke a promise- very unusual for me. After last year’s Academy Awards show, I promised myself, for my own reasons, that I would abstain from watching this type of ‘entertainment’. Don’t get me wrong, at Sunday night’s #GoldenGlobeAwards, Bradley Cooper in ‘A Star is Born’, Amy Adams and Christian Bale in ‘Vice’ and ‘The Americans’ (best TV show) are all well-deserving. The actual show, content, and hosts were sub-par at best. As usual, the acceptance speeches became a platform for some of the award-winners to voice their political, religious and racial views. Unfortunate and uncalled for. And yes, I hear you, if I don’t like it….don’t watch.

I am pleased to announce that Paris’ first (maybe last) nude restaurant, due to the lack of business, will close next week. #O’Naturel’s owners stated that they will only remember the good times with customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments. Seriously?

Teetotaler by definition: “a person who abstains totally from intoxicating drinks”. Also by definition, I am not a heavy consumer of alcoholic beverages. With that said, I do enjoy a cocktail once in a while but similar to the challenge of writing this weekly blog, I took the challenge to abstain from libations for the month of January. I certainly can say that this has been a good challenge amd I honestly do not miss drinking. With that said it has only been 13 days and February 1st, Super Bowl weekend, is right around the corner.

Great to see that Orlando City has made some big changes heading into the new season. A new technical director is definitely stirring the pot with the player pool, the new training grounds are in the design development stage, and as some of you know who have attended games with me, the pre-game experience downtown and the short walk to the beautiful stadium is great fun. Looking forward to balancing my schedule with Orlando City and Atlanta United season tickets. Speaking of Atlanta United, Friday’s college draft may have yielded a diamond-the-rough. Take five minutes and read Doug Roberson’s piece on Anderson Asiedu. Sort of a “Blind Side” story:

As we are already at mid-January, the daylight savings time countdown is on: eight weeks and counting.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!

Sunday Cynic V.3

What Really Is Fake News?

Ace Hardware and Home Depot stores in Mexican cities near the United States border are reporting record sales of all types of saws. No reason for the spike in sales have been reported by these retailers.

Reversing their position on weight loss for the seventh time in two years, Harvard’s Medical School has issued this directive: calorie intake is just as important as exercise to impact your weight loss goals. Protesters were seen outside of McDonald’s and Taco Bell voicing their concerns over this earth-shattering information.

Japan has an annual fish auction. A restaurant owner paid $4,902.00 a pound for a bluefish tuna. Total spend on this fish: $3M. I would explain more but I just can’t.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show again has some very interesting technology to introduce. The introduction of 5G, electric scooters, smart speakers, and roll-up television screens should be leading the way for the 180,000 attendees. Then there is Kohler’s voice-command toilet, allowing you to speak to your toilet to flush, change the MOOD lighting, and set the level of heating on the seat. Obviously I am confused as Kohler’s market research clearly reveals that people utilize the toilet for many reasons I am not privy to.

Alabama and Clemson battle tomorrow night for the college football national championship. It is reported that Alabama’s starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is reportedly bringing 405 ‘family members’ to the game in Santa Clara, California. My simple math: 405 tickets at an average price of $100.00 per ticket = $40,500.00. Let’s hope this is fake news?

Jim Cramer, a leading pundit of the stock market, was seen purchasing a BOGO coupon for a NYC-based psychiatrist. No specific reason was given.

Chelsea Football Club purchased American superstar Christian Pulisic from Dortmund FC for $73M. If Christian Pulisic is worth $73M to Chelsea, what is Atlanta United’s Miguel Almiron worth on the open market? We should find out soon as the winter transfer market is open until January 31.

It is reported that the Florida Department of Transportation, who oversees the massive redevelopment of Interstate 4, has decided to call it quits on further progress. After hearing that the construction will take another $100M and eight additional months, the Board voted 5-4 to just let bad be bad.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!!