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It all started with an email to the Indianapolis Star and their five-month investigation into the mishandling of sexual abuse allegations by the national governing body USA Gymnastics.  After reading the piece, Rachel Denhollander, with the emotion that many of us can never understand, wrote the email in which she painfully described how the USA Gymnastics’ team doctor sexually molested her under the guise of performing medical treatment on her back.  The IndyStar thankfully used all of their media power to publicize the email eventually resulting in 156 women coming forward to tell their story of sexual abuse by Larry Nassar, the team doctor of both USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University.  In last week’s sentencing hearing, it was fitting that Ms. Denhollander was the last of the 156 women to deliver a statement during Nassar’s seven-day hearing.  At the end of her statement, all of the courtroom gave her a standing ovation, saluting her courage for coming forward and ending the terrifying abuse delivered by this so-called doctor.   The fallout resulted in the entire Board of USA Gymnastics immediately resigning as well as the President and Athletic Director of Michigan State University.  As for Nassar, (note:  I will not dignify him by using the Dr. prefix in front of his name), the Judge in the case sentenced him to as many as 175 years in prison.  The Judge knows, as well as all of us, that Nassar will have limited days of life left once he enters prison.  Prisoners, as violent as their crimes may have been, have zero tolerance to ‘live’ with sexual predators, especially of children.  To Hell, Larry Nassar.

Falcon Heavy.  Nothing to do with the Atlanta Falcons and their failure to return to the Super Bowl.  Falcon Heavy is SpaceX’s newest rocket, the most powerful rocket currently in operation – and the second-most powerful rocket ever built. The most powerful rocket in history was NASA’s Saturn V rocket, which was used for the Apollo moon landings and was retired in the 1970s.  This is another Elon Musk effort to commercialize space, as once the Falcon Heavy accomplishes it objective of reaching deep orbit, many entities plan on using the Falcon Heavy to carry payloads and satellites into space.  Quite an accomplishment for Elon Musk, who in one word is quite the visionary.

Roger Federer.  After last night, his 20th Grand Slam win.  At 36-years old.  Enough said.

On the lighter side of things, a wedding in the Miami area provided for a wonderful weekend of fun and celebration.  To my daughter and son-in-law: all the best for a life of fulfilled with happiness and joy.  XO.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday!!

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The Blog.  Look Mom, No Hands.  Saudi Drivers.  Portugal’s Leap of Faith.  He Is Really Good.

I have had inquiries from people I don’t know about how and why I started this weekly blog.  It is not very complicated as I like to challenge myself with things that are out of my comfort zone.  So I got a bit of advice from Doug Roberson and Jeff Schultz, both excellent journalists with the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, and looked to journalists who have inspired me over the years:  Peter King, Sports Illustrated; Frank Deford, Sports Illustrated; Dave Barry, Miami Herald; and Hunter Thompson, Rolling Stone.  I have no ulterior motives with the blog other than to write content and stay away from religion and politics.  It is not easy for me but I enjoy the challenge.

Robot taxis. I want to know the first people who, in a major city, decide it is OK to get into an autonomous automobile and sit comfortably while the car, with no steering wheel, takes you to your destination.  It seems that General Motors has decided to enter this market of autonomous automobiles in a big way and they are all good with the no driver and no steering wheel concept.  I know that it is inevitable that driver-less cars will dominate our highways and roads sooner than I think, but my vision of these types of cars in downtown LA, Charlotte, Atlanta, or Orlando only leads me to believe that big time issues will occur.  But then again, no one even knew what an automobile was 120 years ago.

Saudi Arabia.  Progressive in many ways including petrochemicals and oil, and at the same time so 17th century with it’s behavior toward women.  I won’t bore you with all the archaic rules that govern a Saudi woman’s behavior in public but no one could ever understand why Saudi Arabia prohibited women from obtaining a driver’s license.  Maybe a devout Muslim would understand why not, but most people are clueless about Sharia Law.  I won’t go down the path of religion but Saudi Arabia ranks 141 out 144 countries in gender parity and much of that ranking is tied to Sharia Law.   I am not sure if things are changing in Saudi Arabia, but it was announced last week that Saudi Arabian women, for the first time, will be able to apply for a driver’s license.  To keep it all in perspective, it was not until 2011 when women in Saudi Arabia were finally allowed to vote.  Meh.

It’s climate mimics California with it’s beautiful coastal cities and towns, and it’s hilly and mountainous countryside.  Portugal now has become a mecca for marijuana production focused on producing medical marijuana similar to many areas of the United States.  One major difference: Unlike the United States, drug overdose is almost unheard of in Portugal.  The main reason: 16 years ago, Portugal took a risk and decriminalized the possession of all drugs — everything from marijuana to heroin. By most measures, the move has paid off. Today, Portuguese authorities don’t arrest anyone found holding what’s considered less than a 10-day supply of an illicit drug.  I will never condone the use of drugs but what Portugal has done makes you think that there are other answers to the massive U.S. drug problem.

With the signing of Ezequiel Barco, Atlanta United’s starting eleven for this upcoming season is crazy good. Barco is just 18 years-old and is considered one of the world’s top young midfielders. Just as important, United’s bench is much stronger than last year allowing them to rest players at opportune times (note:  unlike last year’s ridiculous September schedule due the Mercedes Benz stadium delay, this year’s schedule is in relative balance). Darren Eales, Carlos Bocanegra, and Tata Martino continue to set a standard that most clubs can only dream about.

Eight weeks to daylight savings time.

Adios and Have a Funday Sunday.   


It is a New Year.

What We All Look Forward To As We Head Into 2018.

For those of us still watching the NFL, an interesting playoff scenario. Can the Falcons win at Philadelphia?

Tomorrow night’s College Football Championship Game.  Can the Dawgs take down Saban?

A new tax plan – if our favorite CPA can figure it out.

Getting rid of this weather and temperatures that align more with Siberia.

A very special wedding.

The Middle East and detente.  Probably not.

A World Cup summer (unfortunately without the U.S.A.)  – We should all support Iceland, a country of 320,000, and our neighbor, Mexico.

Easter, The Master’s, and Passover, which means we finally get into Spring.

Winter Park & Hannibal Square, downtown Alpharetta, downtown St. Pete, and Delray Beach.

Making Iran and North Korea behave.  Doubtful but hopeful.

The Winter Olympics in South Korea.  At least the ski jumping competition.

Figuring out the South Sudan where 7.7 million people depend on aid from all of us to survive.

The start of Atlanta United’s season – and the long-term contract Miguel Almiron will sign.  Doubtful.

Space Tourism.  Think SpaceX.

Daylight savings time – nine weeks and counting.

Adios and have a Funday Sunday!